Tuesday, 7 May 2013

HAPPY Pulau Wey

Happy Pulau Wey!

That's what the locals always say to us :)

It was a super impromtu trip to Pulau Wey, Indonesia as I just book the flight ticket literally 11 hours before flight time. I booked the flight on Wednesday 12 am after Passion for Fashion event in Butter Factory for a flight at 10 am! Packed my bags and slept for 4 hours and the next thing you know, Im already underwater, diving with my friends :)

This trip was planned few months back by Jolyna our Dive Master in the group who is also my cousin in law :)  Marcus and I didnt join earlier because Marcus had work and he will be travelling a lot plus we are going for our honeymoon next month :)

I blame   Sheena for brainwashing me last minute! HAHAH! AND I had to ask Jolyna if there is still space! Luckily there is still! Thank for organising babe and sorry for the SUPER LAST MINUTE CONFIRMATION!

But indeed it was an awesome trip! :D

Our private plane from Bandar Acheh to Pulau Wey with Captain :)

The view from above

First night makan time at Gapang Pulau Wey, the restaurant only have like 2-3 pots to cook with 3 person handling the kitchen and they took about 45 mins to prepare everything.

That was one of the down side, they will simply just cook whatever they want and simply do the easy drinks that we didn't order and just serve us! But we were so hungry and thirsty that we just took it :(
Everyday we waited for nearly 45 mins for food and drinks, no joke! But if you order Teh Botol or any bottle/can drinks, it will come really fast... if you order like Ice Blended Lemon Tea, then you will have to wait! But it was one of the best drink that we ever tasted besides Teh Botol of Indonesia!

With Sheena, Lina and Kento-san 
Notice only one drink is served? That is how slow they are!

With the group :)

This is how our chalet looks like :) Pretty decent and can easily fit 3 person to a room. 

We were diving with Lumba Lumba Diving Center and their service is top notch!
I really like the local dive masters and dive guards! They are so professional, by far they are the best as they really jaga you underwater and they also took us around the island with motorbikes to watch the sunset. They are also kind enough to build a bonfire for us at the beach we we just chill, drink and sang songs while gazing at the stars 

star pictures credits to Kento-san :D

Second day OOTD

86 jersey from TOPSHOP! My favourite! Just because Im born in 1986 :p

My sister Lina swingingggg

Selfie shot of the day :)

Chris and Sheena! Chris looked thinner here! hehe! Thanks to his duck face!

Vira, who just got his diving license! Well done bro!

Below are pictures that I stole from Chris Yong's FB :P Thanks Chris

 Group photo with the locals during sunset :)

Since everyone is taking couple photo, I found myself a replacement since Marcus wasnt there :D

Chris and Jolyna 


 David and Sheena

Blanky!!!!!!!! :D :D

Ok, enough of land pictures! Now let's dive into Pulau Wey!
Pictures courtesy of Chris Yong 

murray eel

 dory fish

cleaning shrimps

sulfur diving! haha at the hot spring dive site 


a school of barracuda

lion fish

black tip sharkkkkkk

me and ai leng

i actually coloured my hair ginger 3 days before diving

Nice right the photos? If you want to take your diving license or want to book a dive trip with your friends around South East Asia like Bali, Pulau Weh, Koh Lipe, Phi Phi island, Koh Lanta or even in Malaysia / Sabah, you can contact Jolyna at She is my cousin in law and also a certified Dive Master :) 

We are planning another trip in August in Pom Pom Island, Sabah near Sipadan which I cant wait because Jasiminne said she will join us and might take her license! if not, she will just do discovery dive which is FUN as well!

We were suppose to reach KL at 2pm on 5th May but the flight got delayed and I was so worried that it will be too late for me to VOTE! But luckily enough, I reach Sunway by 4:45 and sempat Vote! I know I did my part and pray for a better Malaysia.




    Can't wait for August! We can dive and look for dugongs :D

    Love this blog post. xx

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