Wednesday, 3 April 2013


The other day I was invited to a SHARP workshop in Blu Med, Mid Valley to check out what plasmacluster is all about. Ive heard of plasmacluster before but not in full details. So, I was intrigued on what SHARP Plasmacluster Beauty Care had in line for me.

There was a mini presentation to the bloggers on how SHARP Plasmacluster works. The SHARP Plasmacluster purifies the air by :

1. Suppressing the effects of airborne viruses
2. Breaks down and removes airborne mold
3. Breaks down and removes allergens
4. Removes odors

Therefore, you get fresh clean air with lock-in moisture skin!

You all know I have a dog who sleeps with me and poops at my toilet, right? Because I live in a condo! So, number 4 will definetly help removes odors! Thats is why I place the SHARP Plasmacluster in my room! It's so light and portable that I can place it anywhere at any time. My brother came to visit me and was impressed about it as he heard about it before and wanted to try it out too.

During the workshop, the presenter sprayed ammonia to a tissue paper. You know how ammonia smells right? LIKE PEE, DOG PEE! So, he did a little experiment by placing the tissue paper which is now being terrorised by ammonia on top of the SHARP Plasmacluster IG-DX10 Ion Generator where the air is being blown out. Guess what? The ammonia smell DISSAPEARS! Poor guy, had to smell it to testify the product!

Not only that, it helps to purifies, rejuvenates and restores air anytime and anywhere!
They also have this product which is compact and lightweight Plasmacluster Air Care equipment which you can carry anywhere! I was lucky enough to get one plus its in PINK!
Now I can carry it in the plane for my honeymoon trip to Europe and have my skin moisturised as it's very dry there!

Not only that, I also won a SHARP Plasmacluster IG-DX10 Ion Generator :) SO HAPPY!!! Next I shall try their humidifier as Malaysia air is so humid! I got my eyes lock on that! :P

During the presentation, Steve from Number 76 Style Saloon did an experiment as well with the SHARP Plasmacluster Hair Conditioning Dryer.

He asked for volunteers to see the before and after results.



I was blown away, literally!

Look how soft was after the hair blow, how shinny and moisturise her has was!
Right after that, I jumped in line as I had to tried it, and it works! My hair was much softer and moisturised!

You know how hair is one of the most important thing for girls, and do you know that drying your hair at approximately 45 degrees protects it from heat damage ? You can also try this hair dryer at Number 76 style saloon in Mid Valley as they are also selling it there! Go for a hair wash and ask for the SHARP Plasmacluster hair dryer and test it out, you will be happy with the results :)

After the presentation, there was a mini DIY contest where we are suppose to decorate the SHARP Plasmacluster IG-DX10 Ion Generator and of course I took part as there are only 10 slots as I really want to win it after learning so much about it!

Guess what? The presenter was so generous that he said everyone was a WINNER and everyone who joined the contest gets to take home the product!

I was so happy because I knew I couldnt win as I didnt decorate it well as others!

Many others also won the SHARP Plasmacluster products! Everyone had a lucky day, thanks to SHARP

  This girl won a fan as the GRAND PRIZE! And it's not even in the market yet! Imagine, a SHARP Plasmacluster fan! I dont even own a fan in my room!

I also met some of my blog readers the during the event :)

Joanne and Jessica, they said Im the friendliest 'famous' blogger they ever met! I was so touched! Haha , I just told them : Im not famous.

With Fish, who drove me to the event as we had another event together earlier, thats why we were late to the event .....Thanks cutie!

With BoboStephanie, a famous blogger who recently gotten married too :)

With Shah, who dressed dapperly :) I like! LIKE A BOSS

Now that I have the SHARP Plasmacluster IG-DX10 Ion Generator and the mobile ion generator placed in my room beside my bed, I am very lucky indeed!!! I hope to see results more on my skin as it purifies it, yes I know Im vain but hey if it keeps me looking younger, why not right?  

You can also find the SHARP Plasmacluster products in HARVEY NORMAN

Here's to a fresh clean air which helps lock in moisture :)

Interesting fact : Do you know that over 4o million products has been sold worldwide? And Cars like TOYOTA has plasmacluster installed in their high end cars?

For more information about their SHARP Plasmacluster Beuaty Care, visit :



  1. LOL at your tidy corner of the room. I know what it usually looks like! ;)
    Bring the mini purifier to London so I can have a day of fresh air!

  2. hhahha its still clean k! :P yeah bringing it to europe :)

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