Thursday, 28 February 2013

food & ootd

Food time! Hammer time! Dress up time! Jasiminne and I went to Villa Danieli in Sheraton, KL yesterday to try their italian food.

Overall, it's more pricy than Prego in Westin KL but the food is good. The bread is good, esp the black bread ( looks like it hits it's expiry date but boy it's super delicious ). I ordered the spaghetti seafood, while Jas ordered a pizza. The ambience is quite nice as it's located beside the pool at Level 5. I also love how the interior of the hotel looks very traditional with a twist of modernity.

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Cardigan from H&M
Jeans by H&M
Top from Asian Avenue
Clutch from Chanel
Neon shoes from ALDO
Bracelet from Tiffany's

This is by far my favourite cardigan, its comfy and fits me perfectly. You must think that I might melt in it but the material is actually quite thin. I like how it looks like bulu bulu hahah.

How I wish KL has 4 seasons then I can wear more jacket/jumper/cardigan/trench coat out and just put on layers after layers! 

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I cant believe it's already March, which means the date to my honeymoon is approaching! Marcus and I had a few places in our mind. We would love to invade Europe again, this time Italy :) Then it's off to Paris, Amsterdam and London ( again ) because we love those cities very very very much!

I would also love to go back to Maldives, but we shall see :)

Where would you go for honeymoon?


Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Every girl's closet should have a HOUNDSTOOTH print, whether is a blouse, pants, underwear, socks, or shoes! If you dont have it, here's an excuse to shop your heart out and get ready for spring :)

Wore this during my lunch date with Jasiminne at Prego, Westin

Houndstooth top : The Kins SS13 
 Leigh Jeans from TOPSHOP
Clutch by YSL
Heels from FOREVER 21
Bracelet from HERMES, Tiffany's 

Are you ready for spring?


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

battling depression

with my short hair. No joke. I mean, I love my new hair do but every morning when I wake up, I look like a boy, espcially when I love wearing Marcus' shirt and boxers to sleep

I wonder if I ever shocked him when he wakes up? WHERE IS MY WIFEY??????? 

I mean I love my new hair do but it's very challenging, you need to put on makeup, dress properly so that you wont be mistaken as a boy and comb your hair nicely so that it wont stick out. Ive never had such short hair before, but the good part is it kinda make me look edgier ? and sometimes sweet :) depending on how I style.

Here's a photo I took when I woke up... had to cat wang my ugly face haha

Can you imagine waking up to hair like this? It was my first time and I was shocked! Damn depressed. I will just look into the mirror and I just had to style it right away, normally I will just leave it but I cant stand when my hair is sticking out. Sometimes I cant even believe thats it's me I'm staring at the mirror.

I know Anne Hathaway suffers from short hair depression as well and I know who she feels. * Love you Anne! * I kinda copied her hair style and thought I could pull it off, the next thing you know... it's so hard for me to get ready! If i dont wear makeup or dress properly, I will instantly look like a guy.

It was because of one of the popular character in  Les Miserable, Anne Hathaways plays Fantine who had to sell her hair for money :/ So she had to cut her for the role. Even Charlie Thezron just cut her hair for another movie role.

I seriously thought I could pull it off, but it takes a lot of my time, and I am a super lazy person.. I mean if Im out at the mamak or sometimes shopping, I dont really dress up nor I put make up... Cos saya malas plus Im just out for a while... also, I wear spectacle since I was 7, making me look like a guy even more with this hair... sigh, what I miss is not having to take time to get ready.
So, my decision is to shave it


Im gonna keep it long again! I miss my long hair now!! COME BACK!

God, please let my hair grow fast ok? Thank you!

I know this may sound like a first world hair problems, but I don't know how to explain? My story might seem tiny, but when it come to image, ITS KINDA HUGE for me :( So, no matter how small or big your problems are, know that there's always a solution. Be patient. Wait. And it will come. So, my dear hair... please grow faster okie?

Also, I do take full advantage of it, THIS IS HOW I BATTLE DEPRESSION, EMBRACE IT and ENJOY what what you have! I will take time to get ready and have fun doing it! Makes me less of a lazy person! That I THANK YOU :) YEAH SAYA RAJIN! I will wake up earlier, see the gorgeous sun at 9/10 am, smile and carry on with my new routine of doing my hair and simple makeup :)

This new depression had made me more hardworking and now Im awake about 9/10 am which is early since I normally wake up about 11/12. I guess God is teaching me a lesson, because waking up early is good for you!

OH yeah, did a mini shoot and took some awesome pictures! I really LOVE my hair in these pictures.. Hope you like them too :)

Hope you also like my new header picture, from this short hair story.. I hope everyone can battle their own fight with a positive thought! :)

With a little bit more effort, Im sure you will be happier.
Less malas, more rajin!



Monday, 25 February 2013

Langkawi :D

Ive only been to Langkawi once when I was 10? 12? So here's the story, of how we got to Langkawi :)

It was Sunday afternoon, right after we check out from Berjaya Penthouse, leaving the mess of my birthday party .. we went for tea/dinner  ( yup, we check out about 330/400 , how I love late check outs! ) then Sheena came out with the idea of Langkawi and you know what, we went to Penang the very next day ( Monday ) to catch a 815 am ferry ( Tuesday ) to Langkawi. Super impromptu right? I was also shocked. Still am. WTF? How did I ended up in Langkawi? I wasnt drunk to begin with. But oh well, the next thing you know, they force me to pack my bags and there you have it, GOLEK UNIT is going to Langkawi.

The ferry ride was horrible. The 2 hours and 45 minutes ride was hell. It was quite choppy and it's so bloodyyyy cold! We were practically freezing our ass off but we were entertained by SHREK Part 1 and 2. Ngam ngam finish Part 2 we reach Langkawi.

We went straight to the hotel, check in to the Premier Water Chalet with an amazing view. 

Yeah, the room is very traditional but the view is amazing. The ocean is blueish green :) which is acceptable and good enough.

We had to make sure the balcony door is always shut as there were monkeys to like to break in and steal food or anything, you name it.. they might take it. ( money, watch, jewellery, underwear, makeup etc

Then it was straight to the pool for the day! It was my first time sleeping by the pool, this never happened before! I was shock and was awake by my own snore LOL! I was so tired that by 9 pm I was in bed. 

I like how the Berjaya hotel has it's own private beach and most of the tourist are white people. The hotel is surrounded by the bukit which so reminds me of my Taiping house. FRESH AIR!

Day 2, woke up early and had breakfast with the girls. Not much choice to choose from but they serve one of the best nasi lemak :)

Then it was straight to the beach! Day 2 was really fun as we were just chilling and goleking by the beach, talk/gossip then went into the ocean and swim/'fool' around and collecting shells just for fun :) You dont wanna know how we 'fool' around in the ocean. No, we didnt not shit in the ocean. LOL 

As the sun was setting, we left the beach to get ready for dinner at the Thai restaurant near our room. We had to book it in advanced as it's always fully booked.

The theme of the night was NO BRA OUT! LOL! Yup, no one was allowed to wear bra out and it was fun and I feel so FREEE!!!! I hate wearing bras! Like seriously! When I was in Europe I kinda stop wearing one as I have no boobs and I cover it with my jacket :) 

Dont stare at my chest area, nothing to see wan.... LOL

Dress by H&M
Scandals from Ipanema
Wallet from YSL

After dinner, we went for a few cocktails and then we hit the beach again to just relax and of course to record Jasiminne acting as  Ariel on the fake rock in the pool haha! She was quite high and decided to climb on the rock and started singing of one the little mermaid soundtrack where Ariel saved Prince Eric and place him near the rock? what's is called again? Part of your World? The night ended with us girls laughing till we cant move/cry/tummy ache! Then it was time to go home :( Overall it was a super good trip and I had so much fun! Looking forward to Langkawi again :)

Some pictures credit to Jasiminne of


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