Monday, 14 January 2013

Once upon a time....

 there was a princess called Princess Michiekins........

that was when it all started

Hey everyone! How was you weekend? I just realised that Ive never really blog about my Chip San Leong in Taiping! Anyways, here are some photos which Chris took of the event. The girls were over at my place the night before rehearsing their script for tomorrow. A script, YES I know :) My sister wanted something different than the usual chip san leong ceremony, instead of just asking money and giving crazy task to the groom and his heng tai's (best man) she decided to do something more meaningful and creative.

She created a story whereby I was locked in the towers with my memory lost about Marcus by the evil Queen Jasi Von Kins! HAHAH! Sorry JAS!! You had to play the evil queen! and you were awesome and sporting about it :) 

Then Prince Marcus was given a few task in order to rescue me from the evil queen. The game was indeed creative and they took about almost 2 hours to finish everything. From acting out the proposal scene, to catching fishes, catching the dogs, drink the love potion, fashion show, banana beware game and to climbing the ladder to my room.

Pity Stan, had to play me and forced to wear a wig!

It was overall a real success! Everyone had fun and enjoyed the game as it was something special and creative! Even the photographer and videographer agreed!

Then the night arrived! The food was so good that my KL friends are still talking about it! My parents always say that the food is the most important :) The best part of the night was my dad's speech of course :) Love you dad! <3 p="p">

Thank you everyone who made it that night! Hope you guys had fun! Here's the video for the Taiping Ceremony!

                                     Marcus and Michelle Wedding from michelle ooi on Vimeo.


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