Wednesday, 25 December 2013

It is time to # LiveLifeAmplifed

Let's start living!

Maybank invites you to #LiveLifeAmplified

So, what is #LiveLifeAmplified all about?

Living without boundaries as life is already hard, not worrying about your finances or even keeping track with maximising rewards or redemption! It's not about depending on coupons or keeping a diary of your latest purchase! It's about having time to enjoy your life to the fullest!

Things that I would love to do :

Travel, shop, partying, fine dining and not to worry about bills like petrol or groceries for an instant.It's about being able to share these time with your love ones! It's about doing more and getting more out of life~

Maybank created a contest and I wanna invite you to join this contest! I've already submitted mine!
It's super easy, and there are two ways!

1.Winning and playing the #LiveLifeAmplified challenge

2.Just sign up for the M2C card and enjoy the rewards and benefits that will solve all your woes, complexities and hard decisions that you face everyday!

The contest is pretty simple :

Tell us what could help you amplify your life and just spread the love of Maybank 2 cards to your friends and family! Tell more people and you will earn more points! You could also win a weekly prize worth of RM100 and a chance of winning Grand prize of RM 10, 000!

Best part is, there is nothing to lose with joining this contest!
You might ask, what did Michiekins wrote?

:) Yes, I really wanna meet Victoria Beckham!

It's in my bucket list!

 I wish I am sucessful like her, from being the girl who people often criticizing her that she can't dance or sing among the Spice Girls and now to one of the most influential people in the world. I wish I was as determined as hers! I knew she didn't give up easily in her life despite what people say and I really look up to her. Juggling life with her kids and creating a fashion empire. She is my role model.

So I have to work even harder now to achieve my dreams :)

Anyways, back to the #LiveLifeAmplified contest! I so wanna win this RM 10,000! Perhaps a good way for me to grow my business with this money! I guess my strategy from now is to TAG everyone I know! I shall think of some creative ways! Aint sharing with you! You better think yourself :p

If you asked me, why join?


You have nothing to lose and all to gain!

So what's the benefit of the card?

With Maybank 2 Cards, you get

  1. The benefits of two cards, Maybank 2 American Express® Card and Maybank 2 MasterCard/Visa Card, in one sign up, one service tax, and one statement.
No more hassle of paying tax for multiple card! I used to carry 2 cards with me but now I only use one, easier to maintain!

  1. Enjoy a low Finance Charge of 8.88% p.a. on your outstanding retail balance, and save up to RM2300 a year¹. All you have to do is promptly settle your minimum payment of 5% or a minimum of RM25.
    Based on RM3,000 monthly spend with minimum repayment of 12 months.
Always remember to pay your bills ASAP!

    1. 5x TreatsPoints or all spend on your Maybank 2 American Express Card in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world except Government Bodies, Education Institutions and Insurance Providers.
The more points the better right? :D

4. 2x TreatsPoints for every RM1 spend on your Maybank 2 American Express Card at Government Bodies, Education Institutions and Insurance Providers.1x TreatsPoints for all spend on your Maybank 2 MasterCard/Visa Card.

5. 5% Weekend cash back when spend on Maybank 2 American Express Card.
²A cap of RM50 per customer (Principal Cardmember) per month

6. Lifetime Fee Waiver for complimentary supplementary cards.

7.Travel Insurance Coverage
Charge your travel fares to the card to enjoy complimentary Accidental Death and Disablement coverage of up to RM1,000,000, as well as Travel Inconvenience coverage for missed connections, luggage delay and luggage loss.

8. Retail ProtectionPurchase protection of up to RM15,000 per item and up to RM100,000 per card account per calendar year. Return Guarantee exchange or refund of up to 90days (Maximum RM1,500 per item on purchase price, up to a maximum of RM6,000 per card account per calendar year) 
Extended Warranty of up to Rm15,000 per item
(Up to RM48,000 per card account per calendar year.)

9. Complimentary golf at world-class golf courses around Malaysia and other countries ( only applicable for Platinum Card level)
Would certainly enjoy this privilege as Marcus wanted me to learn how to play golf hehe

Time to shop and not to worry :)

SO what are you waiting for?

Good deal right?

The contest starts on 1 November 2013 til 31 December and is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 21 and above!

Click here to join the contest and remember to read the terms and conditions as well!

 It is time to # LiveLifeAmplifed

For more information, please visit



Sunday, 22 December 2013

For Lina, my dearest sister :)

I have always been a fan of Anna Sui since my early college days ( year 2005 ) when my elder brother visits Japan and bought me and my sister a bunch of Anna Sui products.

Necklaces with horse shoe ring, clover, that represents LUCK which is so Anna Sui, he also bought cute purses and of course some shirts for us. I was so in love with the drawings on the shirt

Since then, my sister and I are in love with Anna Sui.

When I saw the Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme, the first thing that came to my mind was my younger sister, Lina. How perfect this perfume suited her as she likes dressing up like a Bohemian girl.

I know I've never really blog about her that much and not many photos of us together, well it's because she's not based in Malaysia. She went to study abroad in London and when she graduated she couldn't find any job related to her field in Malaysia but was very lucky to land a job in Singapore. She is a Forensic Scientist by the way :) Beauty with Brains.

My Sister and I

When I look at the AnnaSui La Vie de Boheme bottle, memories of her came back and I smiled and laughed to myself of what a wonderful and colourful life we had when we spent time together. The Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme is suitable for Lina's lifestyle which is always evolving ,but constantly remains the same. She is a bit defiant, a bit romantic, a bit artistic and in essence, she's truly a modern woman. She is also an adventurer and romantic at heart and she lives her life on her own terms. She is also curious and loves to travel! I never know anyone so adventurous! Sometimes I pray that she is safe as sometimes she worries me hahahha ;) She loves the nature ( she's planning to host her birthday in a jungle, camping with all her good friends! NOT JOKING ) She is unshakeable in her convictions, unstoppable in her passion and unconventional in her lifestyle while she mix a dash of creativity with endless originality, she sets out to change the world one day at the time.

Which is why I thought this La Vie de Boheme suits her very much as it captures all this good energies, this creativity which is full of radiant joy and peace, love and happiness, freedom and fun!
Bohemian in style, attitude and spirit.

Pictures of Lina's adventurous life

Not only that, I love how the bottle is beautifully designed, where the Butterfly represents Freedom and the Roses attracts the Butterfly which is like a reminder to live everyday, every dream to the fullest

I really hope she likes this Christmas gift, the perfume and this blogpost. Love you Lina! :D Although we wont be together on this Christmas day itself, but remember that I will be seeing you real soon!

Christmas back in 2010

If you guys are wondering how it smells like, it captures the energy and creativity of La Vie de Boheme like a burst of Turkish Rose and Sparkling Pear, kissed with rich burgundy berries and Dragonfruit accord. As it develops, you'll get the sense of something surprising, something original in it' feminine pink florals. A happy note of luck is added via peony notes, representing “ good luck, feminine beauty and friendship.The floral fruity naunces play against the woods, sheer musks, and a black vanilla and sandalwood accord to deliver a playful, yet deeply mysterious fragrance which is to all Boho girl's liking!

So if you have that special someone who suits this Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme perfume, buy if for her this Christmas or if you yourself best describe in what I just wrote, reward yourself! :)

Lina loving the Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme :)

Click here for more information : Anna Sui 

ps: Cried while writing this post :) One of my favourites :) 


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

DIY Christmas Dessert :)

Here's a little inspiration for you all on what to baked & decorate for this coming Christmas :)

For those of you who don't know how to cook or baked, here's a simpler way to create the Christmas feeling :

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All you need is

Strawberries and whip cream!

Seriously, no animals were harm during this process :P


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

So... yeah! :)

So, yeah... I starting sewing with this kit.


Stole it from W Koh Sa Mui hotel because it's too pretty

So far, I've only sew 2 things. More like add-ons because I can't sew an outfit.

The red balls are for Christmas. It all started from there. I sew some of them into my sweater and Marcus' shirt for Christmas. I don't know if he would wear it. But it looks cute none the less.

Will only show the pictures during Christmas followed by a mini tutorial on how to spice up your clothes.

I found a shop in Sg Wang that has many pretty sewing stuff, bought some ( Ive been there many times because Ive been buying stuff for my latest project which will be unveiled early next year )  sparkles to add on to my plain dress which is from Michelle Ooi Ready To Wear 2012 Collection. 

Follow me on Instagram @Michiekins for immediate updates!

Will do a tutorial soon, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, for those of you who haven't know yet, I've got a POP UP STORE in Bangsar for KINS X STYLE

It's located at ON A CLOUDY DAY BOUTIQUE, no.15 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar. 
We are open everyday! Just follow the stickers to my pop up store from the staircase! 

Basically I got this space with 2 changing rooms beside the huge mirror :) it's fun to take pictures from there. I won't be there everyday, but if you like, you can email me at to make an appointment :) I'll be there. 

Take note that the POP UP STORE will be there till 13th January only, right before Chinese New Year, and I've got limited pieces :) So shop away :) 

Do follow our KINS X STYLE instagram @kinsxstyle for more updates.

Prices of my new collection are all here :

I shall update the price next week in this blog as I will be away tmrw and no time for pos laju! But I will be back by Monday, so if you wanna order by pos laju, by Monday only Im available! If not, you can check out our Pop Up store in Bangsar :)

On the other note, I absolutely love my new phone from Sony XperiaZ1 :)

I was so scared when I took it to the swimming pool, so afraid that my new phone will just drown and die because Ive never use a water proof phone before! When I first jumped into the pool with my phone, I was literally screammmmiinnnnggggg! 

So Jakun! LOL

Sheena and David was down and we happily went to Block B Infinity pool to test this out on a bright Sunny Sunday :)

This is Sheena, love of my life.... hahahah My Dong Sangggg, yes we both love Korean drama! 
Wait till the next blog post about The Heirs ending!!! OMG SO DISSAAPOOINNNTTTIINNGGG~ 

Anyways, back to my Sony XperiaZ1,

This is what I called NEXT LEVEL ASIAN SELFIE! Isn't it cool!

Here are some videos we took via Instagram :)

OK la! I gtg clean the house now and get ready for tonights event and tmrw's trip! Have a good weekend everyone!


Oh, before I forget... Thank you Sheena and David for the Christmas present from Jo Malone! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Ps: I don't know if you notice but my recent Instagram photos are in much better quality, it's because of the Sony Xperia Z1 20.7 MegaPixel! WoooHooo! :) 

Cheers again!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Crabtree and Evelyn Secret Garden Adventure

I love December, it's the month of joy, love and SHOPPPPINNGGG! Hehehe....

All the malls are be beautifully decorated which cannot be missed, the christmas songs being played which makes you feel jolly and the endless blinking fairy lights twinkling to brighten up your day :)
Oh, how I love Christmas....

I visited almost all the major shopping malls and was most impressed with Pavilion's decoration!

It's definitely a must visit! And if you're there, do remember to stop by the Crabtree & Evelyn Roadshow near MAC, right before the famous majestic staircase in Pavilion.

It was beautifully decorated! I was so joyful and I wanted everything!!!

I was busy posing with some props that Crabtree & Evelynn prepared for his holiday season and there is a reason why Im posing :)! You can check out their latest Facebook game App, it's called
“ A Secret Garden Adventure ”

It's super simple, here are the steps :

Super easy right? HURRYYY go to Pavilion now and strike your best pose creativily!
Contest ends on Christmas Day, 25th December 2013

Hurryyy if you wanna win 3x iPhone 5C and 20x RM50 Cash Vouchers

Only only that, Crabtree and Evelynn are also showcasing their products which are only available during Christmas :)

Introducing :
Noel, Gilded Chestnut Home Fragrance, and some awesome Festive Food

Noel :
Noël is an irresistible blend of fresh balsams, persimmon and citrus fused with spicy star anise, clove and nutmeg. This classic Crabtree & Evelyn home fragrance is warming and welcoming.

Gilded Chestnut :
A delicious fragrance blend of roasted chestnut, spices, autumn berries and whipped butter, combined with musk and a sweet cream accord. Savour the notes of apple, pear and seasonal berries and indulge in Gilded Chestnut.

Festive Food :
Carefully selecting the best natural ingredients, Crabtree & Evelyn’s Festive Food collection boasts a wealth of luxurious seasonal treats, presented in collectable tins with covetable Secret Garden illustration.

All these are available at Crabtree & Evelynn stores.

Can I have everything please? :D

Merry Christmas!  
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