Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Beautiful Taste

We have been officially married for about one month plus now and to celebrate that, Marcus decided to cook dinner.It was set, I am not good at cooking, so I decided to make dessert instead and nothing could go wrong with ice cream! I bought 2 new tubs of LA CREMERIA Ice Cream, Strawberry Dream and Hazelnut Ganache from B.I.G ( Ben's Independent Grocery )as we were doing our grocery shopping. Before this, Ive tasted Chocolate Obsession and Vanilla Cashew Delight and I just wanted more!

  Marcus preparing Carbonara with bacon! Yummy!

Then I had the idea where I could serve LA CREMERIA Ice Cream in our wedding glass which Jillian made for us!! Isnt it pretty and oh so fashionable? 

The groom and the bride wedding glass, brings back sweet memories.

When you think about ice cream and fashion, LA CREMERIA comes to mind, with their latest contest where you could win RM3200 worth of fashion merchandise like dresses, shoes and accessories. 

The LA CREMERIA Ice Cream has a rich creamy taste, smooth in texture which will satisfy your sweet cravings! You can even decorate with topping of your likings to spice it up! Making it look like a perfect accessory for you! 
It is indeed a reward ! 
You can log in to their Facebook app here: LA CREMERIA La Bella and show off your design skills! Here's what I design for the La Cremeria La Bella contest : 

Check it out  if you want to win amazing prizes : Designer dress by Silas Lieu, Shoes by the famous Christy Ng and Hair accesories by Kamae Lee of Simply K, all worth RM 3200. 
 The contest is still running till 13/01/2013 at "23:59:59"
So what are you waiting for? get yourself a few LA CREMERIA Ice Cream tubs and start indulging and designing! I did the design while eating my favourite Chocolate Obsession!

LA CREMERIA, the beautiful taste. Which flavour do you desire? 

What's more? Be the FACE of La Bella!

There would be 7 winners for each flavour, so hurry up and start designing your La Bella LookBook today! 

The main prize winner will receive one attire, one pair of shoes, one hair accessory and one shawl/hijab. Since there are 7 flavours, there will be a total of seven Main Prizes to be won!

Most indulgence Points Submitted Winner will receive four units of LA CREMERIA Tubs a month, for 12 continuous months. There will be 10 Most Indulgence Points Submitted Prize to be won.

Click here to enter the contest now : La Bella Contest

Read more on how to join the contest here : LA CREMERIA La Bella 

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