Monday, 3 December 2012

Video Killed The Radio Star

Hey everyone, so you all know that Ive been reviewing the Samsung NX1000, anyways here's some video I recorded to test the camera. It's in FULL HD and the quality is good.

I did some test shots for Night and Day.

Enjoy the video :)

For night, I did the test shot with the Christmas tree that Ive just bought :D
Notice how good the quality is? You can also watch it in HD! Youtube did blurred the video a bit. :/

For day, I just test around my house :) Walked around the garden at the 31st floor of the Rooftop Garden, it's called Garden of Concentrico. I was testing their manual focus and also the sound. Do you know that their stereo sound is recorded during video captured via the small internal mic on top of the camera?

You can also shoot the video creatively as the camera lets you control the exposure, aperture and shutter speed and also you can set your white balance. 

Hope you enjoy this mini video of Day and Night! Wait till my next Samsung post!

Here's also a video I did last month via Samsung NX1000 for Michiekins Fashion November, stay tuned for the December one :)


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