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our big day

marcus and michelle

After one year and three months he proposed at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, our big day finally arrived. I still remember it vividly how'd he planned this with my two best friends, Jasiminne and Su Anne. Right after the proposal, I went back to London to pick the perfect dress, my dream dress from Vera Wang. It was tough as I wanted the Elie Saab Eutrepe as well but after 2 days of thinking, I finally decided on the Vera. The perfect Gemma dress from Vera Wang Fall 2011 which was inspired by Hillary Duff wedding dress, a mermaid gown could not go wrong and Janet, the sales representative was very kind and helpful. She helped me choose a perfect gown which suits my body shape as I was petite and she told me that I would drown in a princess cut. When I first tried the Gemma, I knew she was the one.

Marcus and I planned long and hard for our big day, he was incharge of the food while I was incharge of decorations. We came out with the theme Breakfast at Tiffanys, OK more like I came out with the theme and he just agrees to it :P I thought it was perfect as he proposed with a Tiffany&Co Brilliant Cut engagement ring. When the theme is right, the decorations are much easier to coordinate.

Our wedding ceremony took place in PJ Luther Center, Grace Garden Rooftop which was the perfect place as it was gorgeous. I know it's the raining season but with God's grace, he gave us sun that very morning. All of us woke up about 5am that day and I'll let the pictures tell you our story on how it begins.

M&M-006 M&M-003 M&M-008 M&M-032 M&M-038 M&M-013 M&M-015 M&M-012
M&M-028 M&M-025 M&M-063 M&M-061 M&M-053 M&M-048 M&M-084 M&M-081 M&M-080 M&M-079 M&M-076
j8 j6 j7
M&M-074 M&M-073 M&M-108 M&M-101 M&M-094 M&M-091 M&M-090 M&M-153 M&M-149 M&M-122 M&M-112 M&M-096 M&M-154 M&M-155

After the ceremony ends, it was time to prepare for our wedding reception at Ciao Ristorante. We pick the place because it has a gorgeous view of the Royal Selangor Golf Club and also they serve Italian food which I love, esp the Spaghetti Vongole, I highly recommended it. Our reception initially started at 6 serving cocktails, followed by dinner at 7. But due to rain, our wedding reception only started about 8pm. Su Anne was incharge of the decoration as she works in an event company. Thanks babe for helping me out, really appreciate it.

I've always wanted a white wedding in a garden with many fairy lights.That was my initial idea of how I wanted my wedding ambience to look like. When I first saw the lighting, I was blown away. It was perfect. Soft light with a hint of light purple and tiffany blue. It was my dream wedding. Zeb and Lina was the emcee of the night and they were spectacular! Lina, Sheena and Jillian did an amazing video that made me cry, it features one of my closest cousin and his girlfriend living in LA who couldnt make it for our big day. Jasiminne and Su Anne also gave a speech about college and the proposal while Brie shocked the crowd when she said I use to ask her to teman me to STALK Marcus in Laundry Bar. Lies 

Thank you so much for your amazing speeches. Ming Han and Charis Ow was our band for the night as they serenade our guest with their amazing voices. Marcus's sibling also sang one song which was so heart touching and so did Lina and Jordan who surprised the crowd! Their performance was so good that many people enjoyed it. It was the highlight of the night as we both dance to her singing rendition of Train- Soul Sister. I couldnt ask for more, thank you sis! Love u so much xoxo

The Ciao wedding reception ended with the DJ spinning till about 1 pm and off we go to the BERJAYA Penthouse and partied like a ROCK STAR. The penthouse was indeed huge, easily 3000sq! Thanks Jasiminne for arranging it! Love love!

Here are the wedding reception photos, hope you like them as much as I do :)

M&M - 197 M&M - 198 M&M - 203 M&M - 205 M&M - 209 M&M - 213 M&M - 218 M&M - 244 M&M - 253 M&M - 270 M&M - 277 M&M - 281 M&M - 284 M&M - 293 M&M - 302 M&M - 315 M&M - 320 M&M - 326 M&M - 329 M&M - 334 M&M - 336

j4 j1 j2 j3 M&M - 341 M&M - 348 M&M - 376 M&M - 397 M&M - 411 M&M - 413 M&M - 460 M&M - 476

M&M - 481

 The night ended with indeed sweet memories. Here are some pictures taken in Maldives and the bridal studio for your pure enjoyment :)

Hair and Makeup by Jynn Looi
Official wedding photographer Nicholas Chin
Wedding dress and 2nd dress both by Vera Wang
Shoes by Christian Louboutin

AB 0245 (72)

AB 0245 (75)

Here's a short video that TJ did for me during our wedding ceremony :)

Michelle & Marcus Wedding Caremony from Te33J on Vimeo.

Thank you everyone who made our big day happened. We couldnt do it without any of you. Cheers!

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