Monday, 19 November 2012

Shoot WOW, SHARE NOW with NX1000

Good things are meant to share, INSTANTLY.

How to do so?

Introducing my latest gadget from Samsung, the NX1000 Samsung Smart Camera :)

Always wanted to share a good quality picture right away from your camera, without the hassle of plugging in the USB wire, or even worst, losing the wire and had to find all over the house? ( yes, it happened to me numerous time -_-||| )

Well, Samsung now solves that problem for me! :D :D 

Here's how to do so : ( picture taken by Samsung S3 )

1. Switch to the WIFI mode

 2. Select Social Sharing

 3. Choose which app, for me FACEBOOK! :)

 4. Connect to your WIFI Network 

5. Select which picture you want to upload to Facebook instantly, then click UPLOAD

 6. You can event comment on the picture here or in FB itself

7. Wait for it to upload to Facebook, it takes about 3 seconds

There you go, your favourite photo shared instantly with Samsung Smart Camera 

Easy, isn't it?

I will be reviewing this camera for a month, so stay tuned for new feature what can the Samsung NX1000 do for you! Meanwhile, enjoy some picture taken by the NX1000 during my second wedding at PJ Oriental Banquet :)

the walk in

 mom and dad :)

my brothers :D


With my bridesmaids :)

That's all for today, stay tuned for more updates!

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