Sunday, 18 November 2012

Michiekins Hen's Night Out

Hello everyone! Im feeling so much better after chilling and swallowing medicine :) So now it's time to blog! I miss my blog very much and will be revamping my blog real soon! Cant wait * screams * 

Ok, back to the main topic, my hen's night 

I had no clue what was going to happened, all I knew was to be ready by 630 pm.

All the bridesmaids were so secretive and I couldn't brainwash any of them into updating me.

So, I was ready by 630 not knowing where or what is going to happen, Jillian came to pick me up and we ended at KLCC Chinoz at the park for dinner. It was a pretty simple dinner and all the girls were dressed in PINK :) How colour coordinated! I love how it's like a uniform for my hen's night.

Right after dinner, I got no idea where we were heading and Ashley was incharge of driving me somewhere.. which ends up, just right beside KLCC, hahah! YUP, Mandarin Oriental Hotel :)

They girls actually booked a suite for my hen's night, it was big and spacious! * Thank you Yenny *

This was my expression as I walk in while Jasiminne played Primadonna Girl by Marina and the Diamonds as it was the theme song for the night.

The girls were welcoming me and popping the confetti, some of them even cried :)

They decorated the room beautifully, like how I'd imagine my perfect hen's night would be.

I love the eiffel tower so much :) Isnt the room beautifully decorated according to what I love?

We were partying and cmawhoring in the suite for at least 2 hours, drinking champagne and catching up

The girls even danced for me and I was so touched that they send so much time planning the party

Thank you Jasiminne for being the KETUA/ LEADER for the Hen's night!
It was indeed memorable

Check out her blog here :

No hen's night is completed with Moet & Chandon

I got my bride slaves helping me! weeeee, it was fun being a princess for a day, more like a month! :P

Jasiminne even bought presents for me all the way from London, cant wait to play it! 

Then it was time for the 3rd secret location...

As we were leaving the room, Jasiminne asked me to wait for as while as she brought a surprise guest for me! I was shocked, did they actually hire a stripper???? !!!!!

But it turns out to be better, a cut out size of Marcus in Prince's William wedding suit.

Then I was forced to carry it as we walked to our next location.

Marini's on 57th 

 I was forced to carry Marcus all the way to Marini's, luckily he lost 60 kg :P


 Everything was fine till the fun games started!
Super embarassinggggg! :D :D
I was instructed to complete each task, I cant remember all but I think I did these 

1. kiss a stranger
2. dance with a stranger
3. dance on the table
4. ask random guy for their phone number
5. ask random guy for their boxers?

Then, it was time for our 4th secret location :)


Jasiminne actually bought fake blood for all the girls to make them look like i've tortured them! 

The night ended perfectly with room service and massages at the Ritz Carlton the very next morning :)

Thank you bride slaves for planning this awesome party, I am truly blessed to have friends like all of you, stay tuned for more wedding updates!

official photographer : Jaz Khai Photography 


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