Friday, 16 November 2012

quick updates!

Hey everyone! How's it going?

So many bad things happened to me lately and I hope better luck will come my way soon :(

I was sick during my own wedding and it gotten worst after the wedding, my MacBook Pro which I just bought last year decided to die on me 2 day before my Taiping wedding, my friend's MacBook Pro got stolen and he was doing the video for our wedding presentation, and also not forgetting the horrific accident we had 2 days after the wedding. I just praise God that everyone was safe. 

Anyways, my blog will resume next week and I had these lined up for you all :)

1. Hen's night 

2. Taiping Wedding at Soon Lee Restaurant

3. KL wedding ceremony at PJ Luther centre

4. KL wedding at Ciao Ristorante

5. Horrific accident in North South Highway

6. I just cut my hair!!

only my instagram followers gets a first look at it! :) chop it 1 day ago! Follow me on instagram : michiekins  for quick updates as Im addicted to it!

Till then, smile and be happy as life is so fragile!


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