Sunday, 28 October 2012

SenHeng DSLR

 Everyone needs a camera 


For me, I lived by this quote

"What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” 

I got the chance to review 3 different type of the latest model of cameras and you make the decision which one suits you best.

I’ve even categorised the target market for each camera :)

Today I’m reviewing Samsung, Panasonic and Sony


I’ve reviewed the Samsung NX210 and Nx1000

Samsung NX210
Samsung NX1000

At senQ One Utama:

Samsung NX1000 is one of the lightest camera with only 220mg. The best feature about this 2 Samsung camera is that its WIRELESS. Yes! You can upload your pictures via WIFI Mode!

Suitable for people who’s always on the go and those who always lost/misplace their USB port or FACEBOOK addicts who wants to upload their picture instantly on FB via WIFI :) Sounds good to me!



I’ve reviewed the LUMIX GF5 and GX1



At senQ One Utama:

Love photography? Then this camera is for you! Their special feature would be the creative control as their filter effect is pretty amazing and it’s also touch screen

Suitable for people who lazy to learn about photography but wants to take awesome pictures right away. Girls will dig this :)


I’ve reviewed the SONY NEX F3K and NEX 5N



At senQ One Utama:

Girls who love to camwhore would die for this camera! With the 180 degree flip screen, you now don’t need to ask people to help take pictures, you can do it yourself now!

Suitable for those who love to take beautiful self portraits at your very own hand!


So, which one do you PREFER?

For me, I need to choose a camera that suits my lifestyle as a blogger / fashion entrepreneur and the best camera that will suit me would be SAMSUNG of course, because of the WIFI mode which I can upload any picture instantly to Facebook and I love the camera filters as they are fun to play with.

It is definitely for people who are always on the go and for any social media junkie of course!

So, if you think of owning a camera which I’ve just reviewed, I’ve got some good news for you!

senQ is now having their Digital Imaging Promotion from 1st October till 31st December!

So, when you purchased any of the mention camera’s I’ve mentioned, you are entitled for :

 *5 Year Warranty with purchase of any Interchangeable Lens Camera.

    *Discount Vouchers up to RM300 with purchases of Interchangeable Len Camera’s.
    The discount voucher will be applicable for discount upon purchasing selected Interchangeable Lens Camera.
    *Special Premiums Gifts with purchases of Interchangeable Lens Camera
    Jacket Case, Extra Memory Cards, Extra battery( for selected camera’s only )
    *0% Interest installment payment plan up to 36 months (selected banks)
    senQ offers 0% instalment plan up to 36 months on purchases of Interchangeable Lens Camera. (selected banks)

    *There will also be an online contest  via Facebook Share&Tag Contest and IPod Touch are up for grabs too!
     Visit senQ Facebook page now!

    Check out senQ Facebook page for more information

You can now visit their senQ outlet nearest to you! 

Hope you get the camera which suits you best!


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