Sunday, 21 October 2012

VB for Elle France

Hey everyone
How was your weekend?
Mine as usual jam packed with wedding duties as the big day is drawing by.

Today’s post is gonna be about Victoria Beckham again, YES I know, Ive blog about her so many times and Im still not sick of it as she’s my favourite fashion icon.

I wish to own a few of her pieces when Im richer :) Or perhaps her more affordable range victoria by victoria beckham, if only they have it in Malaysia :(

I totally love her latest shoot with Karl Lagerfeld for Elle France!

pictures are taken from Victoria Beckham Facebook page

The photo shoot was held in Coco Chanel’s house in 31 Rue Cambon, Paris where I bought my first Chanel Clutch :) Isn’t the mirrored staircase a perfect piece? I want one please!

I love how Victoria look so tall where she is just actually around my height :) Im only 5’3 while VB is 5’4.

For those of you are into fashion but lost for style, I reckon you pick a person/idol who is actually has almost the same height, same skin colour and learn how they dress and what’s the perfect colour for hair, makeup etc.

For me, I choose VB.. I study how she dress, how she pose and just learn from it.

I just learn and add a bit of my style to it because you don’t want to be exactly like your idol 100 %! You still need a bit of you of course :)

Our height and skin colour plays a huge role on how to dress up, so always choose a fashion icon who’s similar to you then you learn from them.

Hope this tips help :)

Oh, I recently did a shoot with Jasiminne from

Here’s a sneak peek!

Inspired by Marina and the Diamond’s song, Primadonna :)

Go google the song in youtube! The makeup is inspired by the music video and I thought it was the perfect song to my hen’s night! 

Yes, my hen’s night is coming soon, and I had no freaking idea whats it gonna be like.


Cant wait to show you all the rest of the pic this week, I promise :D

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