Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The September Issue

Hey everyone! Just a quick update on the September Issue, basically this is the month where you should buy every single fashion magazine. 

Have you all ever watched the September Issue documentary? I highly recommend it for those who haven’t watch, you can definitely learn something about fashion & publication.

W h y  i s  t h e  September issue  i m p o r t a n t ? 

Because it’s a fresh start of everything, preparation for back to school & university, Fall has more clothes/fashion wears than summer, we can review new lavish photoshoots and advertorial, combination of the coming holidays must haves, trust me this issues has the most advertisement and also most articles. This is the month where magazines compete for cover models and advertising revenue. 

It’s like a grown up guide book for back to school shopping

S e p t e m b e r   i s   t h e   J a n u a r y   o f   F a s h i o n 

VOGUE, HARPERS and GLAMOUR US are a definitely must have 

Vogue has 916 pages for the September issue

Gwen Stefani graces the cover of HB

GLAMOUR MAGAZINE with VICTORIA as their guest editor :)

But do not forget our very own Malaysia magazines as well!

FEMALE, CLEO, STYLE, HARPER’S are amongst the magazine that I read.

My good friend Jeen is the mastermind behind the STYLE Magazine cover for September!
Isn’t it gorgeous? How very Marie Antoinette :) Love the Gucci dress

Gossip Girl Leighton Meester shouldn’t be missed in CLEO as she shares surprises in the Gossip Girl finale season! Airing October 8th in the US :) It only has 10 episodes running.

Remember to get a copy of FEMALE as Im featured in their PADINI booklet section! :D

Recent favourite would be VIVI Malaysia.
( I cant find the september issue cover )

All time favourite NYLON US.

Some other good magazine that I love would be V Magazine, BE Magazine from France, Dazed & Confused UK and NUMERO Japan.

G e t   y o u r  f a v o u r i t e   m a g a z i  n e   t o d a y   a n d    g e t   i n s p i r e d !

By the way, I got an offer from CLEO Magazine to be their Fashion Writer but I turn it down as Im only interested to freelance as Im busy with my fashion line, wedding and blog, so anyone who wants this job ( they want people with experience ), please do drop me a message here or Facebook me ok?  

Im actually looking for a freelance job, anything related to fashion, if you do have any, please let me know :) if only I can be like a guest editor like Victoria Beckham! 

That’s all for today! Have a great 

F  A  S   H   I  O   N     S  E   P  T   E   M   B  E   R !

Cheers :)

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