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tHermoCEUTICAL Products

Hey everyone! I would like to personally thank those who actually went for their FCR Treatment at VIP KOREANA under my recommendation! Hope your skin is doing fine :) I took my mom, sister and bestie Su Anne to try it as they saw a great improvement on my skin. 

Bestie & Sis who came down from Singapore just to try the FCR Treatment

These are their tHermoCEUTICAL product range which I will be talking bout it later :)

The FCR steps are simple:

1. First they will cleanse your face with the Phytoamino Regentron Foam gel to take off all impurities and prepare the skin for the absorption of the active ingredients of the treatment in the following steps

2. They will put on the MAX Hydrofacial GEL for about 10 mins to kill the bacteria on your skin

3. This is the mineral rich coral calcium powder formulated with fractional prickles of mineral rich coral calcium to penetrate into dermis and epidermis layer of your skin to activate cell regeneration cycle and to stimulate the production of collagen. It also contains a lot of other active ingredients such as papain enzyme to activate the disablement of dead skin cells and also to stimulate your cells turnover, arbutin which helps to brighten your complexion and so on.

This multi active ingredient packed coral calcium powder will be mixed with its important partner which is the Regentron Activa Solution, which is also packed with its own active ingredient where when both the powder and solution is mixed together, all active ingredients will work together to increase the fibroblast of the skin which in turn will accelerate cell regeneration cycle. This concoction will be used to scrub on your face for 10 minutes, during this process slight discomfort will be felt.

 4. After the scrub, they will first put MaxHydrO2 Gel Masque on for 10 minutes which is very cooling to calm your skin and redness. And the last step is where the RegeniC Hydration Sheet Mask is put on for another 15-20 minutes, this will help fill your skin up with ample of hydration and also to soothe your skin after the treatment.

The FCR Treatments is a scrubbing treatment, not laser.It is great to reduce acne, acne scar, pigmentation, reduce enlarged pores, improve skin tone and skin elasticity. It can also improve freckles, keratosis pilaris and seborrhoeic skin indications.

During the FCR treatment, they will use the tHermoCEUTICAL Regrentron Clinic product range and I personally am using the MFG Regrentron Cream, it’s super light base and I love how my skin will feel so smooth everytime after I apply it on. I did also use the MGF Cicaderm Cream after my FCR treatment. It is a natural Olive Crystal base with nano technology and it’s light and silky cream with the multi growth factor concept which helps skin cells to regenerate better and faster.

 This is my kinda like my saviour cream as after the FCR treatment, your face will feel a bit prickly and itchy, this cream helps solve the problem with its hydrating and repairing skin cell ingredients. :)

After scrubbing your face with the coral powder, they will put on the RegeniC mask for you and this helps to reduce redness and irritation from peels, waxing, microdermabasion and from post laser treatment. It will feel cold and wet but it will not leave residue when mask is removed and the mask is best keep refrigerated. This mask has definitely calmed my face after the FCR treatment.

These are some of the Regrentron range products which are also available :

tHermouCEUTICAL Regrentron Clinic

1. Phytoamino Regentron Foamgel to wash away pre cloggin impurities
2. MGF Regrentron Toner to refresh and hydrate your skin while making the surface smoother and helps prep the skin for proper moisture absorption.
3. MGF Regrentron Serum for regenerative and repair system to ensure an optimal post treatment healing environment. 
4. Max Revitalizing Eye Contour is a triple treatment to the eye area : combat puffiness, wrinkle, dryness and sagging skin.

Basically the whole tHermouCEUTICAL Regrentron Clinic range is a regimen to regenerate cells and repair your skin. it is especially helpful for damaged or sensitive skin from those peeling, abrasive and post laser treatments.This Clinic helps to enhance the skin protective barrier and to protect from external damages.

tHermouCEUTICAL Regrentron Clinic is suitable for Sensitive, Damage Skin and Post Laser Skin

I also did the Hydration Facial where they use the tHermoCEAUTICAL HYDRACALMING CLINIC for a superbly hydrating regimen to calm sensitive, mature and dry ageing skin.


1. ULTRA Hydracalming Cream which is a light weight cream for moisture protection that actively prevents surface dehydration while smoothing skin surface with botanical extract.
2. Max HydrO2 Gel masque for intense hydrating, maintenance of skin balance and ani- inflammatory and it's highly cellulose hydrating method cools down the skin quickly.
3. Ultra hydracalming serum is a light weight serum for daily moisture protection that actively prevents surface dehydration.
4. RegeniC Mask is to help reduce redness and hydrates skin.

The whole tHermoCEAUTICAL HYDRACALMING CLINIC is a superbly hydrating regimen to calm clinically sentisitve, mature and dry ageing skin. it contains ingredients that are ten times more moisturising than Hyaluronic Acid that is being able to hold in the moisture level and preventing water loss from the skin. The product are lightweight whilst at the same time soothing skin from harsh and dry clinical and weather condition.

tHermoCEAUTICAL HYDRACALMING CLINIC is suitable for Sensitive, Clinically sensitive and Dry Ageing skin

They’ve also have the Photo Clinic line which is the SolarCare 50 Ultra SPF50+ PA+++ and Brightening Blemish Contour 

The SolarCare is an ultra high protection treatment specifically designed for all skin type either your an adult or children or for those who suffers from sunburn, it is also water and perspiration proof therefore it will not leave an oily feeling on the skin.

The Brightening Blemish Contour is a special skin care preparation for irritated, red, blemished skin with enlarged pores. This is meant for brightening, soothing, hydrating anti-microbial properties to allieviate redness and irritation. It is rich with Vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant. This will be perfect for those who just want a light coverage for their face without the pore-clogging ingredients found in most makeups.

tHermoCEUTICAL also have the Brightening Clinic for those who wants a brighter complexion and the Remedic Clinic
for those with acne or oily skin.

I will be going for my second laser treatment soon! Cant wait to show you all the results! The wedding date is drawing near and Im getting more stressful! :( But I know with the care of VIP KOREANA, I shall have beautiful and radiant skin on my big day! :D

Remember to visit 

VIP Koreana
No. 2&2A, 3rd Floor, Jalan Puteri 1/5,
Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100,
Puchong Selangor.

Visit their FACEBOOK page here : VIP KOREANA

Contact No. : +6016-3322 489 (Cheri)

Say my name and get 10 % discount on all treatments and products! 

One of my favourite quote 

“Adornment, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what elegance!”
— Coco Chanel


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