Sunday, 26 August 2012

weekend overview

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Perhaps some of you suffered from hangover as Butter Factory just had their grand launch last Friday & Saturday? 

Anyways I just hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I do :D Friday I was at Butter Factory with the fiance checking out the club and it’s not too bad, a lot of familiar people..will check it out once again after this as it was pack on Friday, I got friends who actually went there on Friday and Saturday :) 

Brie and Mich

I did also pop by Bazarro and UNITY on Saturday to check out their store, my neighbour Leonard is one of the partners. Will blog about it soon! Saw a pair of DrMarts that I quite fancy! Love the store layout too, very artsy :) Leo! U forgot to give me my media goodie bag >:(

Right after that I went shopping in Telawi with Jolyna and she bought a dress for my wedding reception! YAY! one task down for her! Brought her to my fav shop : On A Cloudy Day :)

Then we went to Pavilion Hermes to buy my Kelly Double Tour Bracelet that I wanted, but it was sold out and have to wait at least 3 months! :( I was sad. I really wanted it badly!

I will own you one day, perhaps Christmas present? :D

On Sunday I did a photoshoot for The Kins, quite last minute, planned it on Thursday, shoot on Sunday! Cant wait to show you guys the pics! The theme was “ Datin Sipping Tea”. Should be out by early September! Then the next shoot would be 2nd week of Sept for Michelle Ooi RTW and then FabulousiTEE :) So it’s the SEPTEMBER ISSUE, a whole month of fashion! 

Take note that The Kins has very limited pieces as I don’t want to spoil the market, therefore its super exclusive, once it’s gone, then bye bye! 

 the props of the day

Models of the day! Thank you Brie and Chelsea for helping me and The Tea Republic BSC for letting us use your location, it’s indeed beautiful!

Finally I bought GLAMOUR September issue where Victoria Beckham is the Guest Editor :D

That’s all the update for now! Will blog about UNITY X BAZARRO soon and stay tuned for The Kins latest collection! :D

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