Monday, 13 August 2012

Makeup Giveaways!

Im giving away 4 products! 

1. Liquid Eye Liner
2. Hand Cream
3. Makeup Base
4. Blusher

All you have to do is tell me what are your makeup essentials? Name me 3 and tell me why! :D
Tell me also what type of look do you like!
The best answer gets all the above, so submit as many as you like!

Deadline : 16th August ( Thursday )


makeup and perfume

Issey Miyake
Anna Sui
Taylor Swift

W a n t  t o  k n o w  m o r e  a b o u t  t h e s e  p r o d u c t s?

Sit back and relax as this might be a long post for you! Let’s go over one by one for those brands ok? 

I s s e y   M i y a k e

Issey Miyake will be lauching their new perfume by September 2012 in the whole of Asia, it will be out pretty soon and it shouldn’t be missed!

If you are a fan of fruity, floral and elegant wood scent, then this perfume is right for you!
Fun, stylish and cheerful females defines PLEATS PLEASE well enough.

The Letter E is constructed this way to show that it’s been pleated/folded as their fashion collections are  aiming towards the pleating design.


Introducing Valentina by Valentino, one of my favourite perfume in the whole bunch! The smell, the packaging, the free gift BAG! OMG it’s so pretty and classy.

If you are a fan of fresh floral and fruity scent with a touch of strong, elegant, sensual, rebellious and fun, then Valentina is the one for you!

A  N  N  A   S  U  I

Anna Sui proudly present : rebel girl :) suitable for women who has their mind of their own and able to make their own decision! Do remember to check out new fun colours for this collection like red blue just to name a few.

G  U  E  R  L  A  I  N

Ive got something for the older women as well, if you haven’t heard of Guerlain, you have totally missed it out! It’s all about longevity :)
Inspired by Orchid, Guerlain products includes makeup and good skin care range as well. It is good for wrinkles, anti ageing and more! Like I said, created for longevity.
With 10 years of research, it is proven that the orchid plant posseses the most exceptional longevity in the plant kingdom and thus it is perfect for anti ageing.
It is proven that  +54% in global age-defying effectiveness within 2 months!

T  A  Y  L  O  R    S  W  I  F  T 

Last but not least, Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift! A total girl’s girl perfume! 
It is definitely an awe inspiring feeling and magical. The fragrance is name after the lyric
'Im wonderstrcuk blushing all the way home' from her song ‘Enchanted' which reflects the impression that someone has upon you. The scent is a mix of floral, woody with apple blossom, raspberry, vanilla and honeysuckle to name a few :) How sweet!

If you are a fan, you can find the Number 13 on the bottle cap :) 
Love her dress by Christian Siriano 

So there you have it, 5 wonderful products for you to check out! Thank you Luxasia for the memorable event for us girls! 


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