Sunday, 5 August 2012

K-Palatte : Creation of Style

I was invited to a beauty workshop for K-Palatte with makeup artist Noriko Imura from Japan and she kindly demonstrated on how to use K-Palatte latest makeup products and what’s hot in Japan right now.

For those of you who haven’t heard of K-Palatte before, it is rated as the top 3 selling eyeliners in Japan with 1 Billion pieces sold since 3 years ago.

I arrived at SASA BSC early that morning without makeup on and hope to try on some of their products.

We were all gathered and Yukiko was the talent of the day, Noriko first put the makeup base on her skin and then concealer, Yukiko was concern about her capillaries underneath her eyes as it was quite obvious. With K-Palatte KUMA concealer Orange Beige 03, it covers her capillaries and dark circle perfectly. It was rich and the coverage is good.

Isn’t the packaging cute? KUMA means bear in Japanese btw, if you don’t know which colour suits you, Noriko mention that concealer no. 1 is suitable for all skin type.

For more precise, KUMA 01 is good for hiding dark circles as it also remains the skin moisturised. KUMA 02 is to brighten your under eye area and to avoid the cakey look around the eyes while KUMA 03 is good to hide the swollen capillaries  underneath the eyes.

 Noriko then showed us how to draw the perfect and right eyebrows. I know many people had trouble with this situation, even me. But it can be done. This is how :

Notice the drawing? To draw the arch of your eyebrow, it should start from your outer iris to the end of your cornea. There’s where the arch should be.

She then draw how to create the kawaii look and more adult look for the eyebrow. 
For the kawaii look, the arch should be at the end of the iris while for the adult look, which is great for clubbing would be arch at the end of the cornea. 

The K-Palatte 2way eyebrow has 2 ends, one powder to draw at the beginning of the brow and a liquid brush for the end of the brow, how convenient! :D

Take note that all of K-Palatte’s product are waterproof, they even demonstrate it and the makeup stays.

Noriko also added that the eyebrow pencil could be use as the eye makeup colour as well. 

Then comes the product’s highlight, their  EYELINER in Super Black. Its long lasting polymer forms a smudge-free resistant to water, perspiration and sebum and can be removed by lukewarm water.
It comes in 2 colour,glossy jet black and natural deep brown colour.

Noriko mention that if you wanted a more kawaii look, draw your eyeliner should be thicker in the middle and then a thinner line at the outer corner.

As for their mascara, it help to lengthen and thicken your lashes. Notice that the brush is slightly curved? it’s made easier to lengthen your lower lashes as well.

and viola! Yukiko’s makeup is done :)

some of their product range :)

with Don, Jynn, Yukiko and me

Noriko-chan and me :) Isn’t she gorgeous? I still cant believe she’s 42 years old!

With the group

Nows my turn to play makeup! I actually took the products to Penang and tried it out with my cousin Sheena Low who is also my guest beauty blogger.

Ready to apply some makeup now!

after makeup - eyeliner, concealer and eye brow pencil from K Palatte

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Remember to LIKE their FACEBOOK Page here : K-Palatte :D

You can find their makeup products at selected SASA outlets 
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