Sunday, 22 July 2012

Samsung S 3

Everyone knows that Ive been using the Samsung Galaxy S3 for about a month plus now!
To be honest, Im not tech savvy, heck my current phone is a NOKIA only.

When Don Chan hands over the Samsung S3, I was stunned. I didn’t know where to start but after a month of using it, I cant live without it.

What I love best was these features that I cant live without

1. FREE WHATSAPP! I know for Iphone users they have to purchase it
2. The camera and video quality
3. The smartness of the phone via motion
4. The Sharing experience
5. S Voice, I always use this to set my alarm
6. How fast the processor is, not lagging at all
7. Direct call where whenever I received an sms and wants to call, i just pick it up and place it to my ear and it automatically calls the person who sms me. WOAH!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is designed for humans and inspired by nature. This is the third generation of Samsung Galaxy S smartphones which recognises your voice, understands your intentions and let you share a moment instantly and easily.

What I love is the wide screen, 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display which allows HD multimedia experienced and 16:9 wider viewing angles.

Also, not forgetting about the 'Pop Up Play' feature, users can play a video anywhere on the Samsung Galaxy S 3’s screen while simultaneously checking emails or SMS, eliminating the need to close and restarting of videos. How awesome is that? :D

And for the ladies who love to take pictures, the Samsung S3 offers 8 MP camera that features a zero lag shutter speed that allows users to enjoy capturing moving objects easily without delay! Remember to download this app called Camera 360, its my favourite app and editing pictures is sure fun!

Here are some pictures from my Instagram app :

Here’s the Samsung S3 normal camera mode, 8 MP:

Im so amazed by the quality even though I took this about 6 pm when the sun is going down.

Here’s a short video I did using the Samsung GALAXY S3, showing you guys my office cum boutique, where I work :)

Once I uploaded it, theres a bit of noise, it’s actually much clearer on the phone! 

Hope you like the short video I made, now you know where I work :)

Thank you SAMSUNG MALAYSIA for letting me review your AWESOME SAMSUNG GALAXY S3! <3

Check out the Samsung FB Page here : Samsung


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