Wednesday, 18 July 2012

vip koreana

My wedding day is approaching and now that Ive got the perfect wedding dress, I need a flawless face to compliment it. 

Many of my friends know that my skin is not smooth

Ive got: acne, pimples, open pores, oily skin, uneven skin tone

I was introduced to VIP KOREANA last 2 months ago, actually more like I found them as I was browsing thru my Facebook, I came across this beauty centre where their customers shows off their before and after treatment photos. I was amazed.

It so happens that one of my friend happens to work there, I quickly msg her on facebook and the conversation started from there.

I set an appointment with VIP KOREANA and was introduced to the FCR Treatment. This change my life :)

FCR stands for Fractional Cell Regeneration. This treatment gives you a post laser effect through the unique methodology without application of any aesthetic machines. It is simply achieved by through hand rubbing technique.

FCR treatments is great for reducing acne scar, pigmentation, reduce enlarged pores, improve skin tone and skin elasticity. It can also improve freckles, keratosis pillars and seborrhoeic skin indications.

It is formulated with 200 μm fractional prickles of mineral rich coral calcium to penetrate into dermis and epidermis layer. It is quite similar to Microdermabasion but Microdermabasion can only help on the Epidermis layer and not dermis. 

FCR treatments activates cell regeneration cycle and stimulates the production of collagen. Hence, it helps the skin to have an effective absorption whilst applying good nutrients onto the skin.

I have been doing this treatment twice and this is the before and after picture:

I was amazed by the results. Just 2x FCR treatment.

You know I wont simply upload the before pic if I didn’t trust this company at all, my face has been better and I cant wait for my 3rd FCR already :) Beautiful skin, here I come!

During my first treatment, I could already see the differences. I had acne on my right cheek ( my right face is worse than my left ) After undergoing the first treatment, it KILLED my acne. In one week when my face was healing, my acne was gone! I was shocked and sooooooo happy with the results. 
My skin was fairer, my pores were tighter and my mom and sister could tell me that my skin improved without me telling them I went for the FCR treatment. 

Believe me, Ive spend money on products like SK 2, Sothy’s  and even La Mer which moisturiser cost me about RM 500. -_-

From my experience, FCR can be quite addictive. Yes addictive. You can only do this once a month or 3 weeks depending on your skin type and with the results, you would want to do it almost every week.

I always cant wait for my treatment, knowing that my skin will glow after that :D

It takes about 4-5 days to see the full results after the treatment and trust me, you will be happy with it.

VIP KOREANA is located at Puchong near GIANT Hypermarket. It’s a very cozy place and I love how clean and nicely decorated the place is.

Customer’s Lounge

 Consultation Room

 Clinic Lounge

Treatment Room

The people who works there are really friendly too, they always give me advice and they constantly care and do their best for my face. Thank you Samantha for being patience with me, she is my beauty aesthetician with a kind heart.

You can either call them at 03  8051 0843 or simply visit them at 2 & 2A, 3rd Floor, Jalan Puteri 1/5, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor or their branch in Kota Kinabalu Lot No G-809, Ground Floor, 1 Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Tel : 088 448800.

If you mention my name 'Michelle Ooi' you are entitled with a 10 % discount on any treatments and products. Give them a call and enquire further on the wide range of products and services that they offer. (Offer ends 30th November 2012)

 I just did my laser treatment yesterday and Im thrilled to see the before and after pictures as I have some scars on my eyebrows! Yes I always cover them with my hair because it’s so ugly :(

Cant wait to blog about that too!

I hope you are amazed by my before and after pictures and ready to book yourself a slot too for the FCR treatment. You might not have acne problems but this FCR treatments can tighten your face and improve your skin elascity as well making you look fresh and radiant :D

I will be undergoing a few treatments more and cant wait to show you the results! Till then, have a look at the Facebook Page : VIP KOREANA to know more about them and book your appointment today!

You can call Cheri at 0163322489 for more information

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