Sunday, 15 July 2012


Everyone’s raving about the bondage dress that I wore to The All New Heineken Bottle Launch 2012 at KL LIVE and I was excited when the package arrived at my door step, what a perfect timing to wear it to the launch.

The dress was sponsored by Couture Chics and they kindly let me choose the dress I wanted.

With Tim and MHB ( Remember to LIKE our MHB FB Page! )

With Mike Yip

Michiekins, Stephanie, Jac, Zen, Jolyna, Pagan and Chris
photos by Jaz Khai Photography, the new up and coming photographer :)

With my date: Zen and Jolyna
photos by the infamous

Necklace by The Kins
Dress by Couture Chics
Shoes by Aldo

Since the dress is quite low cut, I pair it with my gold necklace to match the colours of the outfit.
No, I didn’t get a boob job! The dress gorgeously wrap and pushes at the right place :p

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Have a lovely Monday! Fight the blues with good food! Enjoy your lunch!

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