Sunday, 8 July 2012

otona style

Today’s post is about a new fashion style which I adore <3 

It’s called OTONA, which means ADULT in Japanese. I cant carry the super kawaii look therefore I was introduced to the Otona style and I fell in love with.

I was flipping thru VIVI Magazine Malaysia and various Otona tumblr account  and realised it’s an adult cute look which is very me, sophisticated and mature style.

I cant pull out sexy as people say im too cute, with big eyes and puffy cheeks :D

First of all, I went to colour my hair lighter blonde as the black roots were showing.

 Edited the colour filter and I love how ash my hair looks <3
Now i feel like re-dyeing, cis!

Now for the Otona style fashion. I noticed a lot of them love to wear Black and White outfits which are my favourite combination 

Sheer top by TOPSHOP
Highwaisted shorts by TOPSHOP
Heels by Christian Louboutins :) my first pair 

Im still experimenting with this look and I really need to practise on my makeup to achieve this look, and thank you KISS ME for the awesome makeup products for me to achieve this doll like look.

With this makeup, I created this look :

Briekins and Michiekins 

A very soft cute kawaii makeup look
 If you notice, I don’t really wear false eyelashes as some of them I think it’s too fake and some super uncomfortable, it’s like having plastic paste of your eyes but KISS ME eyelashes are different as its light and don’t have that plasticky feeling at all.

Im currently wearing BABY for upper lash and PURE for bottom lash, No.3 liquid blusher and No.4 nude lipstick :)

Im loving this Otona look :)

More about KISS ME updates and photos soon as we just finish a mini photoshoot with
Lawrence Chin, the famous photographer behind CM PHOTOGRAPHY.
You can check out his page here : CM Studiography & Boutique
Thank you Lawrence, he was my classmate from The One Academy btw :D

Happy Monday!


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