Monday, 11 June 2012

quick update


Okok, back to reality! 
Here’s a quick update on whats been happening!

1. Im undergoing the FCR treatment! Don’t be shocked by the pictures! Want to know what FCR means? Stay tuned. This is my kena BAKAR face :D Cant wait to blog about it! Will show you the before and after pictures! I hardly wear makeup nowadays as it’s a facial treatment to clear my scars! Ive got a lot of scars near my eye brows and cheek! You hardly see them as my awesome camera hides it all! :p

2. I want to change my hair colour! but don’t know which colour should I do! Salmon or Blue?

3. Ive got a new dress from DOUBLE-WOOT which I will be blogging this week as well!
Meanwhile, check out their website : for new arrivals! YES they have new arrivals every thursday and sunday! yippee!

4. Guerlain MAKEUP blogpost coming up by my BEAUTY GUEST BLOGGER, Sheena Low!
She will be blogging mostly about beauty and makeups! If you are into the kawaii looks, you better watch out for this one!

5. Ive got the SAMSUNG SIII in my hands!! Wooohooo!!! Cant wait to review it to you guys from a lifestyle blogger who’s BUTA IT! yes, buta I.T

6. Many people asked how did I tie my hair to the perfect bun for this summer! video soon? :D 

So many things to do! So little time! 

Oh, forgot the most important announcement! I’ll be at Taylor’s Lake Side Campus on 14th june Thursday and I’ll be selling  FabulousiTEE there from 11am till 5pm! So drop by and say HIE if you are FREE! My booth is near CHA TIME and STARBUCKS!


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