Tuesday, 29 May 2012

wedding cake & flowers

Planning a wedding is not easy. But Im totally having FUN planning one :)
Here are some inspirations for my perfect wedding cake and flowers 

For the cake, I would love only 3 tiers, simple, white in colour and filled with flowers either white roses or peonies. Perhaps only 2 layers can be eaten as no one really eats the cake?

For the flowers, I would love huge white roses or peonies :)

I really love this picture :) 

Ive already got my friend to bake and design my wedding cake but im still looking for a florist :)
Btw, I also short listed 2 photographer and a videographer but still haven’t decide which one yet.

I think im at 20 % done for my overall wedding only, 6 more months to go before the big day :)

Wish me luck!

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