Sunday, 27 May 2012

Samsung SIII Event

I was invited to the launch of Samsung SIII last Thursday and I might say it’s the smarter’s phone ever!
 you will know why soon ;)  

I was ushered in to the hall and was surprise to see a huge, long screen with a orchestra band at the side.

It was classy :)

As a Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 Evangalist, I wore a blue dress to the event, to show some support :)

Michiekins wore Dress by Double-Woot
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Picture taken with Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7
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Nelson and me before the preview

Samantha, Valeria, Ariel and me
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Ariel and Michiekins

The launching was pretty simple, but what makes it good was the live cast when where they actually show everyone how awesome the features are. The Samsung SIII is super light! Only 133g and 8.6 thick. I super love the wide screen.

The orchestra, how classy 

Right after the presentation, we were ushered to the next room where we could test the Samsung SIII phone itself, and many people gets their hands on it!

Many couldn’t wait, I couldn’t wait either!

Mei Sze and Me

Finally, a Samsung SIII in my hands, managed to test a few features and this are what I love most about this new phone besides the basics of s smart phone.

1. 133g ( super light )
2. BEST PHOTO feature
3. S Beam ( instant sharing of files )
4.Pop Up Play where you can view videos while SMS-ing or checking your emails!

I am seriously not tech savvy, heck im still using a NOKIA n97. 
People often asked me, Why are you not using a smart phone? Do you have Whatsapp?
I gave them a simple answer : No money. haha :D

Btw, I got a chance to review this phone soon, I will blog more about the amazing feature when I have the Samsung SIII in my hands!

Have a pleasant Monday! :D

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