Sunday, 13 May 2012

Girls. and Money

I would like to cordially invite you to 

on Thursday 17th May 2012
at Bedroom, Pavilion!

Come party with Michiekins and Briekins!

Ill be selling FabulousiTEE that night itself, so remember to support ok? :)

I myself and my kins will all be wearing FabulousiTEE and hope you will too! 
I will be weaving and slashing these FabulousiTEE for you!

Here are some of the behind the scenes photo shoot :)

Can you roughly tell a story?
Winner with the best short story/summary gets FabulousiTEE on that night itself! :D and of cause, being featured in my blog as well! So prepare to camwhore with me!


How would you STYLE FabulousiTEE? :D

How would you tell your story from these pictures below?

So comment away, or you even FACEBOOK ME or EMAIL ME!

I will pick few winners for how awesome you can STYLE FabulousiTEE and one more for short story :)

Awesome photos by Johnny McGeorge of Girls. And Money


The WINNER is..

Hey fellow fashionista’s! DoubleWoot and The Kins would like to personally thank each one of you who participates in the DOUBLEWOOT x THE KINS STYLE CONTEST :)

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, I had a hard time reading all 55 comments as i had to visualise one by one. No joke, it was hard. 

After reading all the comments, vie decided 3 winners and i only pick the best simple style.

For me, theses DOUBLEWOOT dresses are already a statement piece, so all u need are simple colours to log it in like black and nudes would be the best. The dress is the main piece and if you style it too much, you will look like a clown or overly styled.

Remember, less is more. Elegance and Fun is key.

So Ive decided the winner for:

 Dress A is

Dress B is 

Dress C is 


and girls, if possible, when you receive your price, please style it and send a picture to me, i want to feature you girls in my blog!

I actually felt bad that theres a lot of comments and only had to pick 3 winners for the dresses, so here’s a consolation price for 3 girls which i picked.

You girls just won yourself FabulousiTEEs!!!!!


Thank you once again to the participants! 
and for those of you who didn’t win, don’t worry as there will be another AMAZING contest again and this time the price is RM200 voucher from DOUBLEWOOT

You don’t want to miss that! All we want is a simple yet stylish answer! :)
participants take note *

If you cant wait and want this Fabulous dresses, Log on to and when you check out, remember to KEY this in DoubleWootMichkins and get RM 5 discount!

Michiekins signing off! Love you all!

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