Thursday, 3 May 2012

Michiekins Travel: Tioman :D

Hey everyone! Sorry for my long absence, i’ve just got back from Tioman and has been busy with work.

Anyways, my Tioman trip was super super super awesomeeeee! The main purpose was to dive :) Yes I am a certified open water diver, took my license last year :)

From KL to Tioman, its takes about 3 hours on the road and 2 hours on ferry. 

I stayed in Salang Indah, which is the most happening beach resort where the Four S Bar is full almost every night. 

Marcus wore Yellow on Saturday to support Bersih 3.0 , so did I when I chose the Yellow umbrella! :P

 My sun tan lines :D

 With my beloved <3 cousin

FabulousiTEE is a MUST HAVE Tank top when you are chilling by the sea :)
Michiekins wearing Lipstick Night Out

 The gorgeous sunset :)

 At the WHITE Party after the group graduated from their Advanced and Open Water course

Took a few snapshots with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 to update my Facebook

The final test which is the SNORKEL test! With beers and alcohol haha

 The gorgeous bonfire with Lina and Jordan dancing at the side, so romantic!

Marcus and me all suit up and ready to DIVE!!!! Do we look like power rangers?

Underwater photos credit to Chris Yong

Thank you Jolyna, our Party Divers Inc Organiser and BNJ dive center for the amazing experience :)
You can check out their dive site here

Me and my beloved cousin Sheena, thank you for cooking maggie mee for me last night <3 not forgetting the passion fruit juice and some oranges for dessert! 

The Kawaii group :D

My experience in Tioman was amazing, from diving to sun tanning on the sun deck of the boat with Sheenakins when all the rest was doing their advanced and open water course. I was there for 9 fun dives and the best dive site in Tioman for me is LABAS!!!!!! Where I dive under/between the huge stones and I even saw a Black Tip shark swimming from a far. It was the best experience for me. Not forgetting turtles, trigger fish, barracuda and nudibranch :D

Back at home now but i got another short getaway this saturday again with Marcus, celebrating our 4th year anniversary! Guess which hotel&spa we are checking in?

Btw, I will also be at the ASAHI Roadshow in Sunway Giza this Saturday, 5th May at 8pm! So do come and join me with a delicious beer and witnessing Mr. Asahi, the world’s most advanced bartender and is capable of pulling 300ml pints and opening bottles, serving up to 16 half pints of bottles at a time.

You can check out their FB page here :

Remember to say HIE if you see ME! 

Anyways, im OFF to read my SAILORMOON comics now! YES! I went crazy and bought whole set of Sailormoon comic in Pyramid! Next would be 50 comic books of Shin Chan :D WOOOHOOOO!!! Childhood memories are the best! Been reading it since I was 10 years old :)

I miss my fellow readerkins! Will resume blogging starting Monday again! Business is back :) 

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