Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Double Woot

Many of you know that I’m a fan of Victoria Beckham and how I admire her sense of fashion. I want to dress like her : posh, sophisticated, edgy, simple and yet elegant :) I love her latest collection and wish I would purchase them, but its roughly about RM600 above for Victoria by Victoria Beckham and as for the couture dress, it ranges about Rm 20k, I know because while I was in Selfridges, London, I didn’t want to leave her counter. I was admiring one of her dinner dress, in mustard and thought it would be great for my wedding reception. But I choose the Vera Wang instead.

Btw, 17th April was Victoria B’s birthday. She is now 38 years old! Happy Birthday V!

When I first saw this dress, I thought it was the perfect shift dress :) something you can wear over and over again and look fabulous in it :) or you can style it with a belt, legginsg, necklaces like pearls etc

I was lucky enough that Double Woot sells Victoria Beckham Inspired dresses!

I choose to wear the Tamara dress to the NOSE Fashion Show in Mid Valley

My whole outfit was sponsored : Dress by Double Woot, Shoes and Bags by Nose, Moustache Ring gift from Zana whom gave me at the fashion show and I decided to put it on as it’s too cute!

Can you believe that the Tamara Shift Dress is only Rm 69? What a steal right? Good material and many colours to choose from, not forgetting sizes as well.

Here’s some of my favourite Victoria Beckham Inspired Dresses by Double Woot

Also, they’ve got this spectacular Lanvin Dress that I really love! especially the one in Turquoise!

Ive got 5 pieces from Double Woot and I can assure you that the material is high quality and very comfortable as well. As for the price, its reasonably cheap and chic. Since you fashionista’s has been a follower/reader of my blog, DOUBLE WOOT is giving away a RM 5 discount if you key in this :


So, SHOP AWAY and BE HAPPY! BE VICTORIA! You will definitely see me in these pieces around :) Happy Double Wooting! 

Visit their online shop here :

Mission 5.2

Agent 7.7 receive encrypted message on Galaxy Tab saying "This is just the beginning”
Before Agent 7.7 could even say anything, Agent M said:

This is just the beginning of our new relationship

Agent 7.7 smiled.

I saved your life at the ball, invite me to sit beside you, Agent M grinned.

Who are you? Asked Agent 7.7

Your lover, Agent M smiled and kiss his cheek.

Why did you go to all that trouble? Why did you tried to kill innocent people?

Agent M look at Agent 7.7 and told him the whole story.

From the start, they were lovers, even at the bar when he found himself on the hotel floor. It was because Professor Snipe erased his memory with hers. It was all his evil plans all long.
Professor Snipe blackmailed Agent M to do all the bad things or else he will kill Agent 7.7 and she was trying to save his life all the time

Where's Professor Snipe now?

I killed him, tied him up at the ballroom and activated the bomb.

Agent M took out her Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 and showed Agent 7.7 some pictures of them together.

You've got a Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 too? Nice.

I hope by seeing all our pictures, you will remember who I am.

Agent 7.7 grinned and smiled back and said I knew it all along, I just play along so that you could kill Professor Snipe by yourself as I know that you hated him for killing you dad. I know that you wanted to kill him by yourself, thats why I didnt interrupt.

Agent M smiled and hugged Agent 7.7

Then hit him for playing along and leaving her to do all the job and acting dumb.

I love you so much, she cried.

It's finally over and we can be together again.

The End

Don’t forget to check back to find out who the winners are!

Winner announcement on Friday, April 20th.

Big thank you to my readers who participate! I hope you will win a Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 :)

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