Sunday, 15 April 2012

Vera Wang Wedding Update

Morning everyone! Did you know that Vera Wang Spring 2013 Bridal Collection is finally out?

Remember how Vera Wang Fall 2012 was all about BLACK? 

Now, every chinese mother would love their daughter to have a piece of Vera’s Spring 2013 simply because it’s all RED.

Yes, the Family of RED. You have bright hot red to crimson colours.

Which one is your favourite? Mine are these :

and this crimson mix dark chocolate brown :

Gorgeous detailing and colour :)

Looking at those new dresses made me so want to wear my wedding dress now :)

Here’s two new picture for you guys 

Michiekins wearing Vera Wang Fall 2011 Bridal Collection
the Gemma dress <3

A lot of people message me about the price of my wedding dress, which some I didn’t reply, but for those of you who are interested to purchase, Vera Wang bridal gowns are definitely 5 figure above.

Ok, wedding updates:

Since we’ve figured the wedding ceremony theme is Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 
my bridesmaids, best mans, marcus and me had kinda agree with these 3 themes for the wedding reception :)

1. Greek mythology ( think spartacus, game of thrones ) except the naked part
2. Paris Night Out ( think the roaring 20’s )
3. Diamonds and Guns ( think mafia wars?LOL )

Still need to plan/research more on these themes and we will definitely pick the best theme and go with it’s art direction.

We even plan to do a video clip getting everyone involved, like my friends and family, yet to pick an upbeat song and we will start filming the first part in Tioman.

This week is gonna be busy for me AGAIN, yes it’s never ending!

Take a look at my schedule :

Then my FabulousiTEE business is a bit messy now, so i’ll have to organise it properly and update on stock, send emails, meeting with my agent, gosh, im jam pack this week again but it’s all good! I love what im doing and LOVING my Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 for keeping me updated.

I’ll be at the Private Nose Fashion Show later and my entire outfit is sponsored 
and yes I GET TO PICK EVERYTHING from head to toe, which is pretty awesome!
Cant wait to blog about it tomorrow!

Thank you Nose for the invites <3

Happy Monday peeps! :)

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