Thursday, 5 April 2012

Lilac & Brown

Yes, I kept a secret from everyone.

Remember I post about how I really wanted a new hairstyle? and after being inspired by the pictures that I posted about PASTEL Colours, I went and book an appointment at Hairquaters Publika.

I had to postpone it as I receive a job from my talent agency that Ive been selected for a video shoot with AMWAY.

Right after my shoot, I went to the saloon and then it all begins, I couldn’t care less.

I know that I want a nice brown hair for the wedding, so I decided to dye brown and a lil bit of lilac as Im so into it right now.

I purposely dye inside so that my hair wont looked spoiled as bleaching would kill your hair.

Ive waited so long for this hair style, the reason why i didn’t do it sooner it was because im engaged and im getting married soon and I need a nice brown or even black hair.

But I come to think of it, I can re dye my bleach hair anytime. So without telling anyone, I went and book and appointment and one week later, its DONE :) well, almost.

I think I need more lilac in my life, so Ive made another appointment to add more lilac at at the back so that it would be more obvious.

Cant wait to show you guys the end result, have to wait about a week more :D

So good bye REDHEAD, hello BROWLAC? ( brown x lilac )

Happy GOOD Friday everyone! :)

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