Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mission 2.0

Agent 7.7 is reviewing the photos he took of the day’s earlier pursuit. From the naked eye, it seems as if it was just a meeting between two men yet the Super AMOLED Plus screen reveals everything in minute details and it seems like a small vile was exchanged. He enlarges the photo and saw the initials D.O on it. 

OMG, it was him! Along with 2 chinese people in the crowd. I wonder what they are talking about? I wonder where he kept Agent M ?”Agent 7.7 sigh.

Now at least I know he's bald. Or balding, Agent 7.7 grinned.

For now, I shall find out who those 2 chinese people are, they were talking to Agent A for a while just now!

Agent 7.7 then when straight to HQ and asked for Agent A.

But unfortunely, she has been reporting missing since last night's event.

He then took ut his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 and showed Professor Knight the picture of last night's event.

I dont see anything!”Professor Knight complaint.
Wait, let me zoom in!”Agent 7.7 smiled

OMG! That's D.O!! He's wearing his signature D.O cufflings!

Now we have a clearer picture of him! Thank God for the amazing feature in your Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7!!

Well done, Agent 7.7! You know what to do now!

Determine what happens next! Click here [LINK] and submit what you think should happen to Agent 7.7. Stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 if yours is the chosen plot twister and stay tuned for the next mission! 

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Laura Mercier Spring Summer 2012


Which girl doesn't love make up? 

I had the privilege to attend the Grand Opening of Laura Mercier in Sunway Pyramid and was introduced to their latest Spring/Summer 2012 Lingerie collection.

Thank you Tim Chew from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers :)

The colours was fresh, young and vibrant! 
Best for the young.modern.feminine.romantic girls!

The famous American makeup artist Jodi Riley was there to give us some tips on makeups and even demonstrated one for us
She’s too kind and very friendly in person, not forgetting GORGEOUS as well!

Their new line was inspired by the mood and attitudes of women through different art period. This spring they focused more on the soft, romantic yet playful colours and fabric of the Victorian Age.

Look at my cute pouch! Loving the lace and pink colour!

The overall feeling I got from the Laura Mercier event was Romantic. Feminine and Modern. which pretty sums out what type of girl i am! 

I love soft pastel earth colours!

Ive got the chance to touch up my make up by Noel :)

What I wore:

Top: Asian avenue
Shorts: Topshop
Wedges: carvela
Clutch: YSL Belle De Jour

Of course I met lots of girls who follows my blog as well! Surprised when they called me Michiekins <3

I met the beautiful Elvina Chua and the sweet Charis Ow :) and who cant forget the girl with the pink hair, Ercilia Yen! You girls are wonderful! I had a great time chatting with you guys!

and of course we exchange numbers and hope to meet with of you soon as this week im super busy as im moving to a new place!

With all the girls from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers :)

With Jodi Riley in the middle :)

Not forgetting my what’s inside my goodie bag :)

This is one of my favourite product, the Laura Mercier Tone Perfecting Creme :)

My makeup less face, trying the Laura Mercier’s Tone Perfecting Creme, my face was so smooth and soft after applying it! Definitely a MUST BUY! 

I was waiting for the right time to use the Laura Mercier Eye Shadow and Blusher and thought that my FabulousiTEE photoshoot will be the best time for me to try it on! :)

I like how natural the colours can be! Soft and feminine :)

Thank you Laura Mercier for such a wonderful time!

Next, the revealing of my FabulousiTEE latest collection!
Stay tuned for pictures from the photo shoot :)


Mission 1.2

To his horror, Google Maps showed the GALAXY Tab 7.7 was located at his very own HQ!

He then tell Alexandra that he needs to return to his HQ to locate his powerful and super important tab.

He then looked and checked properly and realised that the other GALAXY Tab 7.7 actually belongs to the girl with the white cat mask.

He asked Alexandra, whats your friend's name?

She replied : Agent M and I’m Agent A, we don't work together but we have the same mission as yours. Which is to KILL D.O.

When Agent 7.7 reached his HQ, Professor Knight told him that Agent M has been kidnapped by D.O and that he will be attending a charity ball at the Mandarin Oriental Banquet Hall at 4pm sharp. 

Sadly,Professor Knight only had a side profile of D.O and ask Agent 7.7 to watch out for this man. He is dangerous.

Agent 7.7 arrived at the charity ball looking dapper in his Hugo Boss suit and all the ladies couldn’t help but to check him out.

He went to the bar alone and asked for a glass of Single Malt. As he was sipping, Agent Alexandra arrives. Looking stunning as ever in Michelle Ooi's Pre Fall Collection. She told him that sources said that D.O just arrived and she's going to walk around to look for clues.

Agent 7.7 took out his slick GALAXY Tab 7.7 and start taking pictures of the event, smoothly without people noticing at all as it blend well with the crowd.
He then starts walking around but D.O was no where to be found. He then went to the fire EXIT door and saw Agent A smoking.

"Sources said that D.O just left as he knew you were here and I cant find any clue at all! This is so frustrating and i'm so worried about Agent M! I guess theres no more hope. Im going home to sleep this off! " Agent A sighs.

"Alright, I will call the driver now.”

Check out what will happen next week Monday! :) and remember to submit your plot twister then!
If you want to read the full story, click HERE :)
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