Monday, 5 March 2012

Who is Agent 7.7?

Agent 7.7 woke up with a throbbing headache. Memories of last night’s events seemed hazy to him. All he remembers is the smoky bar and the last drink he had, before finding himself covered in cold sweat on the floor of his hotel room. He searches around for his Galaxy Tab 7.7 but quickly discovers that it has gone missing! Suddenly, it all came back to him.

The first thing he remembered was that he met a girl at the bar last night. It was a
masquerade party. She has light brown eyes, soft pale skin, dark brown hair and she was wearing a bright pink lipstick with a mask. A white cat mask. “Who could that be?” he thought. He remembered she looks familiar.

He then went to the toilet to freshen up from last night's event and he saw this:

“ See you soon, xoxo ” written with a pink lipstick on the mirror

Surprised, who wrote this? He thought.
Then questions started rushing to his head

How did I get back to my hotel?
Did someone spike my drink last night at the bar?
What did I do?
Was I totally wasted?

Then he saw his Galaxy Tab 7.7 beside the mirror. He quickly unlocked it and
saw this very picture.

It was a picture of the girl whom he met last night.

Who is she? he mumbled with his heart beating rapidly. Did I take this picture?

I don’t know who she is. Was she the one who spike my drink? Why is there a picture of her in my tab?

Was she a spy too? She look utterly familiar, like someone from spy camp? Another agent?

Then all the memories came rushing by.........
( submit your plot twister now! and continue my story )

Determine what happens next! Click here [LINK] and submit what you think should happen to Agent 7.7. Stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy 7.7 if yours is the chosen plot twister and stay tuned for the next mission! 

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