Sunday, 26 February 2012

video killed the radio star!

Hey everyone! I like to share some videos with you today
Take note that my video are all blurry and might caused headache, im still new! LOL!
Just learn IMOVIE, self-taught and still exploring!
What I don’t like is when i upload it, the video’s quality really sucks altho i recorded it with a HD camera :/

Hope you can give me some feedbacks 

The video is about how Marcus and I met, and a wee bit about our personality
thank you zebeedee for recording this

Our room in Maldives!You get to see my Vera Wang gown in this video :)

Im so sorry that the quality is rubbish, im still new at editing, Ive got a HD camera, but when I upload the quality became worst! Anybody who can give me advise, please do yeah! :3

Heres a video of my 4th birthday party ( yes, i celebrated 4 times LOL )
This is us girls singing STOP by Spice Girls!
One of my all time fav girl band! I was so crazy about the Spice Girls when I was younger!
Please excuse the shouting/screaming LOL

Then we have the shufflers! ( i totally forgot to record the guys singing backstreet boys! )
* please lower down your volume, theres a lot of screaming here *

It was such a fun night out! Thank you everyone and also Natalie Lynn for organising :)
The dress code was BLUE colour, set by Nat :)

my Spice Girls! I’ll be Simon Fuller :P

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