Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Birthday * Valentine presents from my fiancee :)

It has been a tradition since Marcus came into my life, that every year during my birthday, We’ll go to Tiffany&Co to pick up a piece for my birthday gift.

I wanted to skip this tradition this year because I really want the YSL charm bracelet, but it was completely sold out as they only brought 3 pieces in, so off I go back to Tiffany’s 

my new bracelet, fresh water pearls with a heart. something soft and delicate :)
all pieces are from Tiffany’s.

I think it compliments my wedding dress :)

My Valentine gift, a bottle of the PINK Limited Edition Moet :)

 and What I wore during Valentines?

Boyfriend’s Shirt
Slippers curi from Mandarin Oriental LOL

no makeup 
the nerdy michiekins

I remember last year I was celebrating Valentines with my cousin Sheena as both of our boyfriends has CNY dinner to attend, boy we had a blast, we bought food, DVD and just pig OUT! :) 
I miss u Sheena-Chan! Cant wait to see u this Friday!

a picture of me and sheena and of course my dad :)
I think i was 5 and sheena was 4 :)

anyways, hope u girls had a blast last night!!!!! :D


birthday dress

I ve searching for this dress ever since it came out long time ago, but always failed but i cant blame them, this dress is fabulous :)

even Rumi from has one :)

Luckily I managed to find one in Singapore Haji Lane, the Wicked Laundry
When i saw the dress hanging there, i was like THATS MY BIRTHDAY DRESS

although its just inspired, but it looked almost the same and I love it 

oh Happy Valentines day everyone! <3

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