Monday, 6 February 2012

Michiekins Birthday Party

Ive got too many awesome pictures and decided that this post will be a photoblog :)
you want stories? figure it out yourself via the pictures!

would like to thank Jasiminne for everything, the Mandarin Oriental room, Dom Perignon and Glenfiddich bottles :) 

for those who came, Thank You for your amazing company and presents! I love all the lipsticks that Ive collected! The colour is so me! 

thank you Sheena&David for driving all the way from Penang just for my birthday

 lavin and joanna, thank you for the beauty products! I love them so much!

For those who did not turn up, theres always next year, thank you for notifying me in advanced as well! love you jeen!



 michelle ooi, the birthday girl

wearing H&M LANVIN inspired!
bought it from Singapore
Thank you daddy for the birthday gift*
Heels by ALDO
Clutch by YSL
Love sunnies from Japan

 my kins :)

 my gorgeous cousin sheena
wearing dress from TOPSHOP
shoes from London
sunnies from Japan

 our drunk face :)

 our sober face

 my pressie from Brie, John and Sean, thank you so much MOET all the way :)

 me and my fav actress Lavin :)

 my ever so gay fiancee

 yeah, u guys have been waiting so long for this right? LOL

 so cute <3

pouty lips from the boys

 with celebrity photographer TJ, known him since college, and he used to be my housemate :)

soon to be Mr & Mrs :)

Flaming all the way

 drunk ;p

 I just want to go homeeeeeeeee

and thats how the party ended!

presents from my kins

 collected 5 lipsticks and I love them all very much, the colour is very me :)

Thank you everyone who made it that day! 
Love you all so much!

oh yeah, Valentines Day is around the corner and I found the perfect gift that I wanted LOL

"Champagne is already a great gift, but there's an extra surprise stashed in this bubblegum pink box of Moet & Chando rosé - a gold Sharpie, with a note from the French wine house to write your heart out (literally).  Moet intends the bottle to be used for Valentine's Day messages like "I love you," "Je t'adore," or even, "Wouldn't sex be fun?"

But a bottle of prime alcohol - especially one that's wrapped in paper the color of Bubblicious - shouldn't just be a holiday occasion, especially when permanent marker is involved.

We encourage you to tag this thing however you want - hearts, unicorns, violent stick figures, Banksy homages, whatever.  Just indulge in your DIY graffiti project before you pop the cork.  That way, if you end up drinking the whole bottle, you'll still have the art for your memories."
from NYLONMAG.COMMoet & Chandon rosé bottle, $120 at select liquor stores around the world.
available in Pavilion by 8th february 


next, YSL charm bracelet

I don’t know if i can still find this in YSL Pavilion
It cost about £150
The charms look quite big, don’t know if it will compliment my wrist/hand?

Have a great day you guys! Gossip Girl episode 14 is now out :)


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