Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bridal Makeup

Makeup and hair are very very very important especially on my big day! 
I cant makeup and do my hair for shits!

I was browsing thru the web and saw this amazing HAIR AND MAKEUP and was totally inspired by it!

I want my hair and makeup to be like this:

big puffy hair
simple/natural yet dramatic makeup!

I would love this style for my wedding reception :)

and if I do cry during my wedding, I want to look like this! LOL
Cant wait for the big day! <3


hardly working

Im jobless at the moment!
Anybody wants to hire me?

Planning to work FULL TIME in March!
Cause right now i’m concentrating on my side business and I do hope it goes well

Will update more soonish! and heres a picture of what im currently doing in my room

and of course every girl needs to eat! BREAK TIME while watching Family Guy with Jasiminne and Malibu 
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