Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Michiekins in Maldives

Ola everyone! 
I just got back from my super awesome new year trip with my family and fiancee

This year, we went to Maldives to celebrate the New Years 

2011 has been great to me! Ive travelled to Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya! Saw Mt.Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi, even gotten naked in the onsen! Lived in London for a month, revisited Amsterdam and gotten proposed in Paris during Summer! Shortly after that, Ive gotten my diving license in Sipadan and now im packing for my last holiday for 2011 which I will celebrating new years with my family and fiancee in MALDIVES! Thank you God for a wonderful year :)

I am truly blessed. 

We stayed at Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa and the island was superb

We got to experience the sea plane which took us about 35 mins from MALE ( capital city of Maldives) which was my first time and the feeling was awesome :)

Maldivian Air Taxi Outfit

Michiekins wearing
Dress from Forever 21 Singapore
( gift from my sister for Christmas )

Our hotel

At the jetty, we saw sting ray and black tip sharks swimming,or I could say welcoming us! 

 Our Water Bungalows :)

Michiekins all ready for

top from FOREVER 21
high waisted shorts from TOPSHOP
heels by ALDO 
* take note that I didnt actually wore heels during my whole journey in Maldives, brought it for my  PRE WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT!!! :D Cant wait to share the pictures with you guys! soon, i promise! The designer shall be revealed soonish! *




Then off to the beach, paradise.

Got my bikini from Topshop, love it so much, and it’s without any padding, but I still love it!

I have to admit my bones are more visible now, ive lost some weight because I was sick for a week and didn't really eat that much :( but im eating more now that ive recovered from it.

I mean, I couldn't even fit properly into my wedding gown now which really upsets me, so please feed me carbs when you see me ok <3 

ps: im not anorexic -_-

bikini from TOPSHOP
white shirt from ASIAN AVENUE
highwaisted short from TOPSHOP
sunnies from LONDON

took a shot for bridal makeup check :)

pre wedding photos will only be shown during the wedding..
or maybe earlier :D

Then come the last day :(

top from FOREVER 21
shorts from TOPSHOP
sandal from RIP CURL
satchel from CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL, London

I didnt photoshop any of these pictures, i just have a super awesome camera <3 btw, i seriously need to get photoshop and illustrator! where can I get it?

I just back from Maldives and now Im currently in Singapore for shoe shopping and some bridal shopping. I have to stop travelling, I am so tired I just want to stay home. Tie me down.

Cheers, and Happy Thursday!

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