Monday, 31 December 2012

hello 2013

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is recovering from your awesome party last night during the countdown. I had an amazing party last night with a bunch of good friends, the people who makes you laugh and who's always positive ( shall blog about it soon )

Ok, back to the New Year! Marcus ( husband ) and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may this year be a better year for everyone and may all your dreams come true.

I just realised that I haven't blog about my pre wedding photos as I left my CDs with Sukins and I just got them last week! So here's some picture of our pre wedding shots taken in Penang.

I wore all together 3 wedding gowns, 2 of them belongs to the bridal studio and 1 of them is my Vera Wang Fall 2011. Took our wedding shots at Lone Pine Hotel wearing a princess cut, the big puffy white princess gown which I borrowed from the bridal studio. I didn't want to wear my VW as it will definitely get dirty and it was my idea to blow up the huge white balloons :) I heart balloonssss! I wanted this shot to be more care free and playful!

Lone Pine is my favourite hotel in Penang located at Batu Feringghi, it's a boutique hotel with amazing tall pine trees which is awesome for photo shoots, I purposely asked them if they could take my pre wedding photos there and we were lucky enough that the bridal studio has this wedding package tied up with Lone Pine where you could stay one night for free in Lone Pine. 

The next location would be the studio itself. Since it's indoors, I've decided to wear my VW and wanted this shoot to be classy and simple.

Then the last shot we took was at one of the chinese mansion in the heart of Penang, forgotten whats the name... Peranakan Mansion? It was filled with a lot of tourist and I remember they were stunned by our traditional wedding costumes. I choose this gown as I think it's so fabulous! Look at the detailing and the bright red colour!Hopefully it will give us ONG! ( Luck )  Love this gown so much!

So yeah, 3 location with 3 dresses! Hope you guys like the shots as much as I do. Now that the wedding is over, it's time to plan our honeymoonnnnnnn!!! We gotten married on 10.11. 12 and NO, we didn't go to our honeymoon right away. We were planning to invade Europe again. At first there were a few suggestions like : Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice or Santorini, Greece. 

It is still undecided yet but most probably Rome, Venice, Paris, Amsterdam and London. We plan to invade Rome and Venice for a week then join Zeb in Paris and Amsterdam, then off to London to find Jasikins. Everything is still vague as of now, as we only plan to travel during May June July as the weather is too cold right now in Europe. 

So, if you have any place which you visited before in Rome and Venice, please do share! :) Marcus and I are trying to collect as much information about it...



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