Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas 20.3

Christmas is around the corner and if you'd check one of my recent Facebook status, you may read about how Marcus and me wanted different coloured Christmas trees (first husband and wife fight?) Marcus wanted GREEN while I wanted WHITE. I asked Marcus why GREEN? He wanted it to be more traditional, while I had something else planned, YES! I wanted a Tiffany inspired Tree! I wanted to customised my tree and give it a theme. Imagine, WHITE tree with Tiffany Blue ( real colour name : Robin Blue Egg ) ribbons and ornaments. But well, after arguing... more like jokingly arguing we ended up with a GREEN tree with blue, silver and turquoise ornaments.

Yes, Ive lost the battle but the war isn't over, of course there was a price to pay in order for me to lose! He promised a Chanel paper bag under the tree this year... :D :D :D Ive always wanted a Chanel bracelet and as we were shopping for our wedding band last 3 months, he mention that he would like to buy a wedding gift for me as remembrance of our big day, I bought for him a Dunhill shirt and now Im awaiting my Chanel bracelet, but sadly when I went to Chanel, there wasn't much choice so we didn't get any at the end. Now that Christmas is approaching, I shall make my way to Chanel again.

Ok, back to Christmas :) One of the very first Christmas present I got was from Samsung, a brand new Samsung NX1000 Smart Camera and Ive been using it almost everywhere I go. With the 20.3 megapixel it works like a DSLR quality but lighter and easier to carry. I took some pictures of our little Christmas tree as a sneak preview for all of you as it's not finish yet. Hope you all like it as much as I do.

silver disco balls are a must have
can you find the focus point?
white lights
meet Scarlet, named her after I watch the movie Lost in Translation
meet Rupert, named after Stewie Griffin's teddy bear
wedding gift from Jasiminne, a customised champagne bottle 
silver mix turquoise
testing the white light
wedding gift from Jasiminne which I shall put under the tree

I am very happy with the choices that we both made, the Christmas tree looks pretty in our new home and Im continuing our tradition to host our annual Christmas party together with Party Divers Inc this year at our new place which I cant wait to plan. Exchanging presents together with Marcus cooking are what I look forward most. As a wife now, I shall follow my husband side and stay in KL this year to celebrate Christmas with his family. It's gonna be weird and I hope I wont cry.

"Christmas now is my officially favourite holiday because from now on every Chinese New Year I would have to give ANG POW!!!!!! HOHHH MAII KOTTT! I know everyone is waiting for our red packet, plus with Double Happiness during our first marriage year, it's compulsory to give 2 ang pows, perhaps I should go on a holiday during CNY....?"

Thank you Samsung for the wonderful camera, 20.3 megapixel is one of the best gift as I love taking good quality pictures as memories always ends up being photographed. I thank you for that.



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