Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hello Im back! :D

Hellooooooooooo! Im finally back! Missed me? Thanks to my forgetfulness, I left my laptop charger and camera battery back in Taiping. I was in Penang and Taiping from Wednesday till Sunday!

Here’s what happened before this!
  * flash backs * wooshhhhhh


Attended the JW Anderson x Topshop with the girls in Mid Valley where fashionista gathered to preview the new collection while getting free manicures. 

JW Anderson is a 29 year old British designer and his latest collection is definitely a preparation for Halloween! You can find spooky sweaters like bats and ghost! BOOOO!!!! 

So, if you are not in the mood to dress up on Halloween, perhaps you can shop for something spooky instead? :D 

  with Brikinny

 gothic x spooky

 fell in love with this dress, the inner goddess dress

 with jeeno star from style magazine
 with ming han, who’s afraid to take picture with me, I mean.. look at his expression! :(
 getting me manicure
 love the topshop nail polish! what colour do you like?
 new shoes from forever 21
new top from H&M

Wednesday till Sunday

Off to Penang we go, it was a birthday gift for Jasikins as she really wanted a holiday and a tan. Booked a flight, stayed at Lone Pine and just chill and unwind from all the KL stress!

 finally I get to visit Armenian street and take photos of the street art 
 neon my life

 Jasikins sun bathing :)

 i love lone pine penang :D
 and my current fav book :)
 with cousin sheenakins 
 one of sheena’s fifty shades of gray :p
 my view from my room, bliss
the jacuzzi at the balcony :D


Arrived at Taiping and waiting for Marcus and my future mom in law to visit for the first time :)
Went food tasting to finalise the menu at Soon Lee Restaurant and it was delicious. At least I got 2 cina wedding and 1 Italian wedding.

our first dish, lobster :D we wont be serving shark fin as I am a diver and Im against eating shark fins, we replace it with abalone instead :D which I never understood why is it so expensive and it just taste like... getah? rubber?

bought this huge ass mirror from Taiping for my 2nd room in KL :) Now my bridesmaid can fight over it :) 

 Taiping is still as beautiful as ever :)

Fashion post : 


Hermes Panel dress and  Edgy Mesh Shirt by Dressabelle, an online company from Singapore who just  landed in Malaysia! Weeeee * excited! 

You can find their fashionable items here :

Twitter: @dressabelle

It also comes with FREE SHIPPING across Malaysia and they have new items every 3 days! 


 an online shop that needs no introduction :)

Wore it to meet Dr. Lee from Korea, a famous plastic surgeon, guess what he asked me to do? :D
Stay tuned for the next post, will I ever get plastic surgery done? 

Also, I will be travelling to Singapore from Thursday till Saturday! A sponsored trip by MasterCard for me to attend their Priceless Singapore GALA EVENT and of course to enjoy Singapore, an all expense paid trip by MasterCard! I seriously cant wait for MasterCard Priceless Singapore FAM trip.

Thank you MasterCard and Nuffnang :)

Hello good food at Dempsey hill, Hello VIP Tour at Universal Studio, Hello Hard Rock Hotel 

Wait for me :D

will be launching Michelle Ooi RTW on Monday 15.10.12

Till then, have a pleasant day!



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