Monday, 15 October 2012


Its been a while now since I’ve been treated by ViP KORENA, perhaps
about 4 months now? I’ve been using their products and treatments and the results
really do show.

I’ve tried FCR, you can read all about it here : Michelle’s FCR Before and After

I did twice on FCR and twice FC02.

What is FC02 you asked?

Well, its practically Fractional CO2 or in general, LASER.

Yes, I’ve lasered my face twice.

I was first a bit scared and skeptical when they asked me to laser my face.
I’ve never tried it but I always hear that people’s face became much better
and smoother after laser. But of course, it’s slightly painful compared to FCR

The first time I did laser I was scared and nervous, they will first apply numbing
cream on my face for about 40 minutes, and trust me I was already shaky when
they applied it because I heard many stories that it’s painful. After 40 minutes, my
whole face was numb and I was ready for the laser treatment by Dr. Aidil.

He told me not to be scared and just asked me to relax. He then gave me this
goggle to cover up my eyes. The laser treatment takes about 15-20 minutes only.
Basically he will use the machine and slowly laser your face starting from your
chin, then to the whole face. Then he will then concentrate on your scares.

When he tried the first time on me, it wasn’t that bad. The pain is indeed bearable,
but just because I psycho myself that it will hurt, my palms and body was so
sweaty, YES I do have sweaty palms when I’m nervous hehe.

The second time when I went for my FC02, I actually asked the beautician to add
another layer of numbing cream so that it wouldn’t hurt and YES, it was much
better after the second treatment.

After the treatment, my face was really rough and slightly tan. I could feel the
burning sensation for about an hour or so. My face was red and I couldn’t step
out from the house because it looks like microscopic dots all over my face
which turned to scabs. It takes about a week or so for it to heal. This is when the
tHermoCEUTICAL MGF Regrentron cream comes in handy as it helps to make it

I love the result after FC02, it’s really effective. My pores were much smaller, I
was fairer, my skin was smooth and my skin tone is more even.

I look so much healthier and more radiant :)

This is the before and after picture:

Ive gotten more tan after my Penang trip alto most of the time I was avoiding the sun!
Before picture was taken in the month of JULY

Of course it wont totally make your skin free from acne  scars, it takes about 4-5
FCO2 to heal and also depending on your skin type and reaction

Laser aka FCO2 basically helps to remove acne scar, reduce facial wrinkles,
improves skin texture and smoothness.

Im really happy with the results and I know it takes time for me to have a
completely flawless skin. Perhaps 2 or 3 times FCO2 and FCR combine is good
enough follow by using their products. I don’t get breakout easily now unless
during my period.

Give it a try, visit their Facebook Page here : ViP KOREANA 
or call Cheri at 0163322489 

Have a pleasant day!



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