Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy Friday

It’s Friday! How time flies! Seriously, it’s going to be October soon! October makes me nervous, reminding me that my wedding day is approaching FAST! Hens night this month, I wonder what the girls had in plan for me? 

GIVE ME SOME TIPSSSSSSS BRIDESMAIDS! I NEED TO KNOW! Most important, make sure there’s a bottle of Moet, if not Ill be pissed, not even joking! :P 

Went to the Moet event last week and cant wait to blog, Ill have to wait for the PR agency press release and pictures then only I can blog about it! But heres a sneak peek for my readers!

Gold class tickets // pop corn // club sandwich // strawberries // Moet// was served during the movie

Sad to say that the Moet event clashes with the H&M event :( but I went to check out the store on Monday and boy its still crowded! And I love how it looks like H&M London! High ceiling and I love that there are 3 floors :) Love the main entrance too and of course I bought some stuff from H&M, I think their basics can fight with Forever 21, it’s really cheap! Cant wait for the Anna Della Russo for H&M on October 4th! Just got the press release from the PR agency :D

Ive skipped a lot of event this past week as Im being selective or rather sick! I totally missed the E! Party! which I was looking forward! But I was sick :(  NOOOOO, Y U NO CURE FAST?

I have to skip the XIXILI Tea party next week as well as I will be in Penang for a short holiday with Jasiminne but Ill will be attending the TOPSHOP JW Anderson event this Tuesday! 

And no, wont be attending any Oktoberfest ( no to beer belly, wedding is approaching ) but I will be at the Hendrick’s Gin Party this Saturday at the Intermark with my kins! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

This Saturday is the photoshoot from Michelle Ooi RTW! YES! Its all finally here! I’ll have to skip the Samsung and Nescafe event as I will be busy the whole of Saturday :(

Thats all for the quick updates! Oh forgot to mention Magnum! Ive got about 20 Magnum Ice Creams in my fridge! NO JOKE! A girl cant say no to chocolate ice cream!

Alright, back to wedding updates! My wedding cards has finally arrives! WOOHOOOOO CONFETTI BURST! POM POM POMMMM!!!

 Yes, I did include the dress code reference in my wedding card! Call me bridezilla! :D

My messy wedding work station! Ive been busy with my wedding planning and now I cant wait for the actual day! I hope everything will go on smoothly! 

Ive also been collecting my baby pictures for the slide shows! Too many to choose from :D
When I was young, my parents and relatives told me that Ive got brown hair, where did it go? It’s was jet black when I turn 5 years old! :( NOOOO!!!

More wedding updates soonish!*

I’ve also been reading 50 shades of grey, yes call me hamsap! LOL, I just want to read what’s everyone been raving about, also I cant wait for the movie next year.

Thats all for today! I promise to update more :D


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