Sunday, 30 September 2012

how was your weekend?

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? :D

Mine was jam packed! Been waking up early and sleeping early, busy with work and also wedding.
Last Saturday I finally shot my Michelle Ooi RTW 2012 Collection. RTW means Ready To Wear.
Jasiminne was the photographer and Jynn Looi & Zach does our hair and makeup.
Special thanks to for the shoes as well.
I cant thank you girls enough for helping me out! Love u! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Here’s a sneak peek of my weekend:

I seriously cant wait for the pictures! Im so excited about it! Will post it up soon along with a story line.

Wore this inspired YSL Jumpsuit to the Hendrick’s Gin Party :D Loves it! Got it from A Cloudy Day, Bangsar. Love all the dresses from there! A must visit boutique! It’s the one where Rihanna wore during the GLAMOUR photoshoot

Super mad love with the party theme! Ive always love the 1920’s Coco Chanel era! The parties, scandals, feather, flapper girls and pearls. Everything was so sexy in the 20’s :) Thats why I chose my Taiping wedding theme the Roaring Shanghai 1920s.

On Sunday, I went to KLCC to collect my wedding band from Cartier, it finally arrived! :D :D
Went to Tiffany to collect my pearl bracelet which broke 4 months ago! ahah I only took it to repair 2 months ago! I procrastinate a lot! :p

Pearl bracelet gift from this year birthday while the silver one was last year.
Spot a gold one from the same design:
It feels nice if I have one set :D I tried it on, and it feels like my family of bracelet is completed.
But none the less, my ultimate favourite was the Cartier Love Bracelet
I tried the yellow gold and I swear it didn’t want to get off my wrist! It was the perfect size and shape, and it resemblance of the medieval chastity belts. It’s unique on how to wear it, its actually 2 half bracelet and you need like a screw driver to screw it together! 

It cost about 18k for yellow and rose gold, I dare not ask about the ones with diamonds.

Also, another interesting Sunday when I was at the ViP Koreana booth during beauty expo, I finally met Dr. Lee Myung Ju the famous plastic surgeon from Korea and got myself a chance to consult with him about plastic surgery, this is gonna be an interesting post to come!  

My parents were down in KL, so I went to visit my aunty and cousins to pass my wedding invitation which followed by dinner at My Elephant, my Aunty Ann is also a champagne lover! :D Thank you for the Moet and dinner. Next time is my turn to pop a few! :)

With cousin Amanda and Samantha

My Sunday ended with my family at my place chilling and followed by me blogging after they slept,hehe!

Have a good monday!

Stay tuned for blogpost on Hendrick’s Gin event

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy Friday

It’s Friday! How time flies! Seriously, it’s going to be October soon! October makes me nervous, reminding me that my wedding day is approaching FAST! Hens night this month, I wonder what the girls had in plan for me? 

GIVE ME SOME TIPSSSSSSS BRIDESMAIDS! I NEED TO KNOW! Most important, make sure there’s a bottle of Moet, if not Ill be pissed, not even joking! :P 

Went to the Moet event last week and cant wait to blog, Ill have to wait for the PR agency press release and pictures then only I can blog about it! But heres a sneak peek for my readers!

Gold class tickets // pop corn // club sandwich // strawberries // Moet// was served during the movie

Sad to say that the Moet event clashes with the H&M event :( but I went to check out the store on Monday and boy its still crowded! And I love how it looks like H&M London! High ceiling and I love that there are 3 floors :) Love the main entrance too and of course I bought some stuff from H&M, I think their basics can fight with Forever 21, it’s really cheap! Cant wait for the Anna Della Russo for H&M on October 4th! Just got the press release from the PR agency :D

Ive skipped a lot of event this past week as Im being selective or rather sick! I totally missed the E! Party! which I was looking forward! But I was sick :(  NOOOOO, Y U NO CURE FAST?

I have to skip the XIXILI Tea party next week as well as I will be in Penang for a short holiday with Jasiminne but Ill will be attending the TOPSHOP JW Anderson event this Tuesday! 

And no, wont be attending any Oktoberfest ( no to beer belly, wedding is approaching ) but I will be at the Hendrick’s Gin Party this Saturday at the Intermark with my kins! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

This Saturday is the photoshoot from Michelle Ooi RTW! YES! Its all finally here! I’ll have to skip the Samsung and Nescafe event as I will be busy the whole of Saturday :(

Thats all for the quick updates! Oh forgot to mention Magnum! Ive got about 20 Magnum Ice Creams in my fridge! NO JOKE! A girl cant say no to chocolate ice cream!

Alright, back to wedding updates! My wedding cards has finally arrives! WOOHOOOOO CONFETTI BURST! POM POM POMMMM!!!

 Yes, I did include the dress code reference in my wedding card! Call me bridezilla! :D

My messy wedding work station! Ive been busy with my wedding planning and now I cant wait for the actual day! I hope everything will go on smoothly! 

Ive also been collecting my baby pictures for the slide shows! Too many to choose from :D
When I was young, my parents and relatives told me that Ive got brown hair, where did it go? It’s was jet black when I turn 5 years old! :( NOOOO!!!

More wedding updates soonish!*

I’ve also been reading 50 shades of grey, yes call me hamsap! LOL, I just want to read what’s everyone been raving about, also I cant wait for the movie next year.

Thats all for today! I promise to update more :D

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

tHermoCEUTICAL Product Promo

Hey everyone! Sorry that Ive been MIA these few days, or weeks! Ive been sick for about 4 days now and Im slowly recovering! Anyways I will be blogging more soon, I promise! Ive got the Moet & Chandon Party post and also my facial LASER post pending! Im still slowly recovering and will blog more soon! 

Anyways, here a lil good news for you all :D

ViP KOREANA is having a tHermoCEUTICAL Product Promo now till 1 October 2012!

I personally am using some of their products and it has defiantly helped improved my skin!
I will be on the Beauty Expo this coming Sunday, so do come and join me there!

Here’s a few promotion for their products :

ThermoProductPromo-Hydration-1 ThermoProductPromo-Brightening ThermoProductPromo-AntiAging

Basically, when you purchase the serum and moisturiser for each different range, you will get the cleanser, sunblock and one box of regenic sheet mask ( 5 sheets ) for free! 

The offer only valid until 1st October which is the last day of the expo

FB Share Post

Hope to see you all there! and I hope my readers will win a trip to Korea too! :D


For more information : Visit their Facebook Page here : VIP KOREANA
or call 016 3322 489 for more information now!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Share & Tag

ViP Koreana will be participating in the Beauty Expo 2012 this 28 September – 1 October 2012 in KLCC. In conjunction with this exciting event, ViP Koreana is organizing a Facebook Campaign that will reward 100 lucky fans with a treatment voucher worth RM200, a FREE consultation by our panel of doctors and tHermoCEUTICAL product samples. Prizes galore, so enter today!

Simply share this poster on your FB wall and tag 8 friends, you might become one of the 100 lucky winners to enjoy the prizes mentioned above.

FB Share Post

Step 1: Share this picture on your personal wall from VIP Koreana’s Timeline 

Step 2: Put the title as ‘I want my RM200 Treatment Voucher.'

Step 3: Tag a minimum of 8 friends to be eligible for the campaign.

Example: @VIP Koreana, I want my RM200 Treatment Voucher. @SuAnne Clark, @Lina Ooi, @Sheena Low... (Tag at least 8 friends)

1. To participate in this campaign, you will be required to control the privacy setting of your personal profile by selecting “PUBLIC”. This is to enable us to track your entry. 

2. Winners will need to visit ViP Koreana’s booth during the Beauty Expo 2012 (28 September – 1 October 2012) with their Identification Card (IC) in order to redeem the prizes.

Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


100 Winners: 100 x ViP Koreana Treatment Voucher worth RM200, a FREE consultation by our panel of doctors and tHermoCEUTICAL product samples. 

Duration of the Campaign: Begins on September 6, 2012 and ends on Sep 20, 2012.

 Winners will be announced by September 22, 2012.

Please refer more details at:

I will be there during the expo as well, sharing a little about my experience with ViP Koreana on how their treatments has help me improved my skin. 

So, what are you waiting for? Share & Tag now and stand a chance to win amazing prizes, trust me it’s gonna be worthied! 

Will be blogging about my laser treatment this week as well :) 

For more information, visit their FB page : VIP KOREANA
or call 0163322489 ! 

Read my previous post about the FCR treatment which changed my life here: FCR Treatment

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

CK Eternity Aqua


My wedding day is approaching soon and I cant wait for this beautiful journey to start, being a MRS.

MRS. NG to be exact. 

I remember the day when Marcus got down on one knee and proposed to me in Paris. I was in awe as he hold my hand by the Eiffel Tower park and started saying :

Baby, we've been together for 3 years, 3 months and 1 day now. I love you very much. I've thought and prayed about it, and I know it in my heart that you are the one. I've got something to ask you :

"Will you marry me?”

this is a screen shot from the video when Marcus proposed :) will be released soon! 

I knew then that I wanted to spend ETERNITY with him

Love was definitely in the air in Paris as we walked along the Seine river and we saw the Eiffel Tower being lit up at night.

Right after the proposal, the planning came along and we even had a mini holiday in Maldives where we took some pre wedding photos.

I knew it was the best place for us to take photos as Marcus and I love the beach so much, we are actually certified divers and taking photos at the beach was no exception.

I love Maldives, the ocean, the colour blue, reminds me of CK Eternity Aqua, the fresh smell of love and ocean breeze that I currently have in hands.

So, whats your love story?

I love listening to love stories, esp when people tell me about how romantic their partner is or how they fell in love, what I love most is the way they look when they are telling their love stories. Their smiles are the best then.

If you love telling your LOVE STORIES, join the CK Eternity Aqua “ Eternal Love “ Contest!

Just visit here : CK AQUA ETERNAL LOVE and submit your love story, start with : My most romantic love story begins... ( not more than 100 words ) and right after you submit, all participants are entitled to a FREE sample upon submission of their love stories. Note that free samples are based on first come first serve basis and while stock last. Participants are allowed to one sample only.

Remember to click the “ SHARE “ button at Thank you to increase your chances of winning.
Do remember to set it as “ Public “ when you share your post.

The most romantic love story that touches the judges heart will win! :)

All winners will be selected by Calvin Klein Fragrances Malaysia.

Here are the amazing prizes that awaits you!

1x Grand Prize winner will win a CK Fragrances Hamper worth RM 1000 and
10 x Consolation winners will win  couple bottle of CK Eternity for him EDT 50ml and CK Eternity for her EDP worth RM 463.

So hurry! Start thinking about your most romantic stories and share it as the contest period is running from 10th September to 30th September!

I had the privileged to own a bottle of CK ETERNITY Aqua and I fell in love with the scent. It shows the relaxed side of ETERNITY of a woman. 

e l e g a n t .  m o d e r n .  s e x y 

ETERNITY AQUA is inspired by woman who are at ease, who are calm, sexy and refreshing.

Some of my favourite ingredients are white peony, pink lady apple, gardenia , cedarwood and jasmine, to name a few :)

As for the bottle, I totally fancy the gradient colours of blue, a colour of relaxation and serene.

S o  w h a t ’ s   y o u r   l o v e   s t o r y ? 

Join the CK Eternity Aqua “ ETERNAL LOVE “ now and stand a chance to win the amazing prizes! 

Click here to join : 

Contest ends 30th September 2012

  T i m e   t o   s p r e a d   s o m e   l o v e  :D

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Moët & Chandon Cinema Classic

M o ë t  &  C h a n d o n
The World’s Most Loved Champagne

For those who has been following my blog, knows that I love Moët and you can see me popping a few bottles whenever there’s a celebration. Anniversaries, Birthday, Christmas or sometimes just for fun! 

To me, Moët is all about celebration

Moët in Paris, when Marcus proposed

Moët in Avilion, when we celebrated our anniversary

Moët during my birthday

Moët during my birthday

Moët during Christmas

I even bought the limited edition PINK Moët ROSE during Valentine Day, I remember I was there when they first launch it and knew I want to pop it for my wedding as it comes with a gold marker and we can scribble something on the bottle.

Michiekins collection, I love my Moët Rose glasses so much! Got it from Japan airport :)
I left one more bottle where its decorated with crystal at my old house. 

I was so happy when I received my invites from G2 :D Thank you <3 font="font">

Isn’t it exquisite? The cork is actually a USB drive :)

When I got invited to the Moët & Chandon Cinema Classic, I couldn’t be happier. Imagine, an evening of watching the timeless movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s' by Audrey Hepburn and sipping champagne. I remember watching it the very first time in London with my sister's housemate. Then I fell in love with the movie as it's not as what I expected. You have to watch it and you'll know what I mean.

The event will take place at GSC Gardens on 20th September 2012 where they will be a private screening of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’  at GSC GOLD CLASS and followed an after party at Vertigo after the private screening :) 

Life is indeed good :)

If you ask, why cinema classics? Iconic movies are timeless, and the art of story-telling is worthy of a grand celebration. Life imitates art; the lives of the rich and famous are often inspired by actors and actresses from the silver screen.

The Moët & Chandon Cinema Classics 2012 experience captures the connection between iconic movies and lifestyle – thus recreating these iconic moments and bringing them to life.

Got a bottle of Moët on my wrist!

Cant wait for the Moët & Chandon Cinema Classic event!

C h a m p a g n e  f o r  e v e r y o n e 
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