Tuesday, 21 August 2012

wedding updates

My wedding day is approaching fast! 
I cant believe that it’s been a year now since Marcus proposed in Paris.
We didn’t get married soon after he proposed because his sister was still studying in America.

Ive been planning this wedding ever since August last year. I picked my bridesmaid, had the perfect dress and shoe, the perfect theme for the wedding. I knew what I wanted since day one. 

Vera Wang Bridal Fall 2011 bought it in London after Marcus proposed

Christian Louboutin Bianca Nude in colour, bought in Ngee Ann City Singapore as Louboutin doesn’t sell here in Malaysia.

Wedding ceremony theme : Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Everything is going fine but sure there would be some obstacles along the way :) I think one year is a great duration for preparing the wedding.

We’ve got both our venues covered, paid deposit one year before for our wedding reception venue and we just recently book our ceremony venue, initially I wanted to get married where I live as there’s a sky lounge in the 36th floor overlooking the KL city view, but due to inconveniences, we had to change it to another venue in PJ which im excited about :) It’s a church with  a rooftop garden and we could host more people out there.

As for the bridesmaid dresses, I overcame my first obstacle which is the material and colour which I wanted ( Robin Blue Egg aka Tiffany colour ) was out of stock and my tailor is off to London soon!
So right now I had no choice but to buy it and I don’t know where to start, can you imagine bringing out ten girls shopping to try out dresses? Im sure a few wont be able to make it due to tight schedule of their work life!

 We’ve almost completed our Pre Maritial Counseling under SIBKL Church, and it is very important to plan a good marriage. I highly recommended this counselling for those who are getting married. I know many brides are busy planning for the perfect wedding, but have you ever thought about a perfect marriage? I think it’s more important than the wedding of course. Please give this a thought.

I also had trouble looking for a cheongsam for my Taiping wedding as the theme is  THE ROARING SHANGHAI 1920’s. I absolutely cant wait for this as the theme is perfect for Taiping and I hope to get all the shanghainese decorations and outfits. I love how eastern and western combines. Such glamour and as chinese, the bride must wear cheongsam :) its a tradition and traditions are important to me and my family. No scottish kilt this time, it’s all about being chinese and proud of it :)

 For my KL reception, I’m almost done with my decorations and food menu as well! For this, my decorations costs me about RM 30-40 K alone. Flowers was already about 3-4K, food is roughly about 50K and I know liquor is gonna cost me a bomb as well! Especially when Im a champagne lover and MOET is no exception! I only have 25 tables for KL and 55 table for Taiping. 

The venue is beautiful, let’s see a before and after we decorated it. This is the current picture, its gorgeous without much deco.

My decorations are quite expensive as I wish to transform the place to look something like this

everything white : roses, linens, candles, everything and to create this lighting, ambience light is very important. But the fairy lights wont be above but at the side draping from ceiling to grass :)

I always wanted a small intimate wedding where I know everyone, hence with 25 table I can only invite a few and the rest is family. Please don’t be upset if you are not invited, there is no space as we can only fit roughly 25 tables.

Im yet to designed my own wedding card but I still haven’t started! Perhaps something simple like this would do :)

I should be sending out invites soon :) Preparing for 2 receptions isn’t easy especially when it comes to the guest list. This gave me the headache most. @_@

Preparing a wedding is fun and sometime tiring! Always book everything in advanced, like how Marcus and me when and see our wedding band yesterday and due to the popularity of the rings, we could only get it by October. Phew, THANK GOD we went 2 months in advanced! Hope the ring comes before the big day! Cartier better keep their promise or I might sue them! hehe :P

As for pre wedding photos, we just finish our photoshoot and cant wait to see the final outcome, here’s some pictures of behind the scenes

Note that I didn’t show a picture of my Vera Wang here as I add additional belt and veil and of course I want to surprise my guest when im wearing it so stay tuned for it <3 p="p">

Thank you Abi for also buying  my second dress by Vera Wang as well from Los Angeles and not forgetting Zhong and Brie for buying me the VW belt from Texas :) Appreciate it much and cant wait to wear it during my wedding!

Oh, btw did I told you guys that I hire a music band already? Presenting SKYWARD by Ming Han and Charis, I think they are perfect piece for my wedding :D both are super talented!

As for actual day wedding photography and videography, I hired Nicholas Chin, check out his page here :

Ive gotten many things sorted out, just left these few ( actually quite a lot LOL )

1. wedding favours
2. songs to be played
3. invitation card
4. finish my guestlist 
5. bridesmaid dresses
6. cheong sam for taiping wedding
7. brothers outfit for taiping wedding ( where to get the wong fei fog custome ? )
7. and some decorations for the ceremony :D

I could only imagine my ceremony to be filled with white big balloons and greens :)
I would love someone to play the violin as I walk down the aisle.

The dress code for my wedding ceremony would be hats, sunnies and pearls as its outdoor and I thought it would be classy if all the ladies would wear hats and men can wear sunnies :)

As planned, during my walk at the ceremony, people are given a bottle to blow bubbles while for the reception, people are to light up the sparkles :)

I cant wait till the big day, loads more to do and I hope God will guide me in preparation of our big day


  1. hi michelle,

    i plan to get a pair of bianca louboutins too. but i'm sure what my size is. would u mind letting me know your bianca size and your vincci/nose shoe size? thanks a bunch!

    xoxo. katharine.

    1. hey kat, my bianca size is 36.5 , NOSE shoe size is 6

  2. I can't wait to see your wedding pictures and read all about it. You'll make a gorgeous bride! Please make sure to share your special day with your readers near and far! :)


    1. yeah i shall be updating my wedding perhaps on instagram on that very day itself :D

  3. hello Michelle, try check out Dennis Lau. He is good in violin! :D

    1. hehe yeahh i know he’s good, but he’s super famous and i just want a violinist to play ave maria... don’t wanna spend too much on that :)

  4. Hey Michelle! May I know where you took your pre-wedding pictures?:) Your dress and makeup looks so pretty!!

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  7. Hi,
    May i know where you printed your invitations? I'm having a tiffany blue theme as well. Thanks!

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