Monday, 13 August 2012

Makeup Giveaways!

Im giving away 4 products! 

1. Liquid Eye Liner
2. Hand Cream
3. Makeup Base
4. Blusher

All you have to do is tell me what are your makeup essentials? Name me 3 and tell me why! :D
Tell me also what type of look do you like!
The best answer gets all the above, so submit as many as you like!

Deadline : 16th August ( Thursday )



  1. My makeup essentials are the following because I have redness complexion (sensitive skin) which I need to cover with my foundation to it helps to keeps calm and also protect me from the sun, my eyebrows need shaping to enhance my eyes and blusher to keep my cheek glowing.

    1) SPF Foundation compact
    2) Eyebrow pencil
    3) Blusher

    I love natural look from Bobbi Brown! xoxo

  2. My makeup essentials are as follow:

    1) SPF BB cream - to conceal my dark circles and act as foundation
    2) Mascara - to make my eyes look bigger
    3) Nude lip balm - avoid cracking lips

    I prefer nude makeup because I love natural look! <3

  3. Good day!!
    Let me share my makeup essentials..

    1)Makeup Base/BB cream with SPF
    To achieve a healthy looking, protected and flawless skin, it's a must for me. :)

    2)Eyebrow pencil
    A nice eyebrow shape can actually beautify one's face shape. Plus, i like natural thick 'korean style' eyebrow, hence i always need to draw it.

    There’s no other better way to define my eyes than by enhancing your lashes. I like natural and nude makeup for my daily appearance.

    The type of look i like most will be EARTH-TONE Makeup. Occasionally add in a little bit gold will be my fav too. ^_^

  4. My makeup essential:

    1. BB Cream: for a flawless skin, to cover imperfections
    2. Compact powder: for shine-free skin, very important for me to touch up my face anytime of the day.
    3. lip balm: to prevent dry, chapped lips.
    my fave look is natural/nude makeup.

  5. Wheeeee! :D

    Here are my make up essentials:
    1. Facial sunblock with SPF30
    Because wrinkle prevention is always better than a cure! It's better if my make up base has SPF 30 too.

    2. Eyeliner
    Long lasting liquid eyeliner is a god-sent! I hate how some eyeliners smudge and need a lot of re-applications, so my eyeliners have to be smudge proof too.

    3. Eyebrow pencil
    This is essential to me because a groomed and defined pair of eyebrows does wonders to your face!

  6. With them essential make up products, one step closer to becoming a beauty-holic. I love the type of make up that focus on eyes, i love those make up that will make my eye look bigger, but not that japanese-barbie-eye-type. my make up will always focus on my eyes, because you know what they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. ;)

    The 3 make up essentials that i must have :
    1)) Eyeliner.
    Eyeliner can be applied in many ways to define your eyes, give depth and even enlarge them. Using eyeliner can create fantasy looks or simple everyday looks just by changing the strokes. I will always go to liquid type and also will choose the long lasting one. Liquid eye liner can always create natural or dramatic eyes.

    2) Mascara
    I Love the way mascara bring the LIFE to your eyes. Mascara helps to curl your lashes to get longer eyelashes. Mascaras do coat your lashes with lengthening or voluming formula, either way. These help you achieve eyelashes that would whip up a storm each time you bat your lashes.

    3) Eyebrow pencil.
    I'm not the type of person with comes with perfectly eyebrows, so eyebrow pencil must be adding to my make up essentials. Eyebrow pencil always save me when i accidentally over-pluck them :P So, a eyebrow pencil is a necessary for me :)

  7. Fun!!
    is this contest open internationally?!
    ill play along anyway.

    1. Love YSL Touche Eclat Highlighter in Luminous Ivory
    After a long days work, the last thing I want us to look tired. This stuff is literally like coffee for my skin! Makes me look bright and awake.
    2. Rimmel gel liner in black
    I used to love the clinique cream liner, but this stuff is waaay cheaper and gets the job done better! It's like almost solid in the pot, but once you swirl the brush in it, it melts to a liquid consistancy! Lasts all day!
    3. Maybelline falsies express mascara waterproof
    Works well on my asian eyelashes to extend, thicken and hold curl. People sometimes even think my eyelashes are fake with this stuff!

    Lol. p.s i love makeup, i could name TEN more that i think are essential...but that would b overdoing it...

    1. Melbourne, Australia!
      its ok if its not open internationally, just wanna join the fun.
      randomly stumbled across ur blog early this yr.. n kinda been stalking ur style.
      ur dresses r amazing, keep it up.

  8. My makeup essentials are bb cream, eyeliner(gel or liquid) and mascara.

    Bb cream is important because it covers almost all my imperfection of my face and also make my face glow. Eyeliner help to 'wake up' the eyes so that I look more energetic and make me eyes bigger as well and lastly mascara which helps to widen and brighten my eyes. With just three simple make up essentials, I can go out in time as it takes lesser time and not complicated.

    I prefer natural make up and kawaii gyaru make up style too!(which i just adore and dint apply it on myself haha) Mostly I just put on bb cream and draw the eyeiner and mascara.

    Hope im the lucky one!

  9. Wah Mich you've been blogging pretty frequently recently and I love it! Making your readers happy, especially us who have been reading since forever. :)

    Anyway, I think this is still a pretty fun discussion to have even if there were no prizes to win. So here goes:

    1. Concealer - I don't use foundation, ever, because my skin is the flaky kind of dehydrated, so if I use foundation, even liquid one, it just emphasizes the flakiness and it's HORRIBLE. And I don't usually have really acne prone skin, so bait of concealer here and there does the job.

    2. Bronzer - Muka quite bulat, so need to cheat the contouring abit. :P

    3. False lashes - I really dislike the dramatic and super separated and thick long lashes that you usually see on girls in clubs - the ones I have are actually like yours! Long, but not too much, and soft looking, so they look pretty real. I can skip any eye makeup and just go for the falsies, and I'm set.

    Basically, my everyday look is made up of these 3 items only, plus sunblock and lip balm, but seriously, I really don't use anything else, so it'd be great if I'm lucky enough to have these Heavy Rotation cosmetics to try out :)

    I can't decide if I like the sultry smokey-eyed/red-lipped look more of the clean, dewy and nude look more. I think the latter would be my choice, because not everyone can pull off the first look. :)

    Thanks for this giveaway again btw!

  10. Wow, i would like to share my make up essential too.

    Talk about the style 1st, I like transparent make up, it must be light and look like zero make up on face rather than thick and cakey make up.

    So, the 3 essentials which i cant live without are:
    1. Chanel loose powder
    To get transparent make up, this is a must item. I love it very much as it makes perfect for zero make up, and in the meanwhile it do cover my small pores as well. A must have item in ur make up pouch.

    2. MAC gel liner
    It gives natural look to my eyes, and also make my eyes bigger. This liner is very easy to apply and most importantly it is long lasting.

    3. Brusher
    Light Bronze colour brusher, apply on cheek it give a very natural look.

    Thats all for my sharing ^^

  11. Hello michelle :D, I'm aki!

    My make up essentials are

    1) double eye lid glue/ eye lashes glue - i have mono lids and I use cosmetic glue to create double eye lid so my eyes are bigger and more notice-able.

    2) black Eye liner - just one swipe of fine line and it simply makes my eye bigger xO!!

    3) Lip balm - to keep my lips moisture because I think that dry lips will make ones look unhealthy. lips are one of the easiest part to take care so girls or woman out there should not neglect it.

    With my not so "keng" make-up essential but I actually love Anna Sui makeup looks.
    I LOVE their cosmetic advertisement poster and I cant stop looking how gorgeous all the model makeup are. The combination of the dramatic and vibrant color but it turns out so beautiful and feminine. It feels so dreamy and fantasy

  12. My makeup essentials:

    1. Tinted moisturizer - for a day cover up that contain SPF

    2. Blusher - for a flush rosy cheek

    3. Lip Balm - to moisturize my lips. Lips cannot be neglect as well!

    I like the natural doll look without having heavy makeup because I truly believe a girl's natural beauty is always the best.

  13. oh, and i forgot to mention my fav look!
    i love the clean look- flawless skin, contoured jaws, groomed brows, neatly lined glossy eyes and well moisturised lips...

  14. Hi Hi Pretty Michelle, loving your blog here!! Here, my makeup essentials:

    1. BB Cream or foundation
    Well, would have apply after sunscreen. Because I've uneven tone color so this would makes me looks better.

    2. Eyeliner
    This is Totally a MUST. I can goes without BB Cream and Mascara but EYELINER is my all time Fav!!

    3. Mascara
    Yup yup, just loving eyemake up!!

    Btw, I really liking simple, tidy and clean makeup so mostly I'll do the eyes to emphasize myself. I don't wana go out with a sleepy look, makesure I'd looks like someone awake. Hence, if important dates also club? I wan myself to looks like a DOLL, definitely a liner and mascara coz I've seldom use falsie. XD

  15. Hi, Love your blog and is fascinated by all the contest! It makes blog reading so exciting!

    I will make it a short answer since you will be reading tons of them.

    My makeup essentials would up:
    1. BB cream with sun block: As a Malaysian, you will be exposing to UV almost the minute you open your eyes. I started using sunblock after realizing how much harm UV ray does to our skin! Bb cream on the other hand can help me create a flawless skin without blemishes which I left during puberty. I'm using Kiss Me Heroine Make matte BB liquid. Love the mild liquid which suitable for combination skin like me.

    2. Eyeliner: I have a typical Asian doll like eyes, which is extremely single eyelid and sepet! So I really admire those with big sultry eyes! So to create my own "big eyes" look and for the sake of my eyes to be visible in the camera, eyeliner is my must essential everyday tool! Sometimes, with the help of fake eyelashes, my eyes will be bigger! That is the power of eyeliner. I'm using heavy rotation perfect liquid eyeliner.

    3. Eyebrow pencil: Although I still have eyebrows, but they are bushy and uneven, with the eyebrow pencil, you can really notice the difference before and after drawing the eyebrow! it is like the window to your soul! Different types of eyebrows will create different looks as well. I'm using Shu uemura hard 9.

    That is my 3 most essentials makeup which I wear almost everyday. Happy sharing!

    Cheers XOXO

  16. My favourite look is the kawaii/gyaru look. A lot of effort goes into this look and I'm hard pressed to pick just 3 essentials for this look. In my opinion the most important part for this look are the eyes. Therefore if I had to pick my 3 essentials it would have to be

    1. Eyelid tape because it helps in creating bigger eyes and gives you a cuter look overall.

    2. Liquid eyeliner because with the eyeliner I can draw and manipulate the way my eyes look. In this case it would be almond shape and slightly round eyes

    3. Fake eyelashes to make your eyes really pop and give you that kawaii doll look.

  17. My makeup essentials would be:

    Under eye concealer: I am always ashamed with my obvious dark circles therefore; I will not leave the house without concealing my under eye. At least people would not think that there is a panda walking around!

    Mascara: Something awesome to define my eyes and make it appealing. I remember once during my studies in Australia, a classmate (guy) of mine looked right into my eyes and said "The person who created mascara is a genius, that actually makes your eyes awesome!"

    Lipstick: A lipstick is the most important cosmetic I would have in my handbag! Lipstick will brighten up one's and make it less dull looking.

    I always thought a simple and nude look is the most attractive look ever. Never ever put tons of makeup on your face. Having makeup on doesn't mean you are being flirtatious but it meant that you are respecting that certain event or person!


  18. Hi,

    My makeup essentials would be:

    1. Eyeliner : Just with some eyeliner, I can switch my look from natural (with inner liner) to dramatic (sexy cat eye) anytime of the day.

    2. Concealer : because it instantly brightens up your face and cover the flaws. Looks 10 times better especially when I have the annoying pimples during the time of the month haha!

    3. Tinted Lip balm : Nobody likes flaky lips, so am I :) I can wear it by themselves for a fresh look or layer it on with lipstick. :)

    I have been experimenting with makeup since I am 16. My favourite look changes now and then. I used to like thick punkish eyeliner looks. But now as I am in my university soon to be working phase, I am so in love with the korean, ulzzang look. They put makeup on, but it looks as if they have none! I hope I can achieve those type of looks too. So pretty and natural! But of course, I still put on smokey eyes or red lips for dinners and stuff. :) It doesn't really matter what type of look one prefers as long as they feel confident in it! Every girl, have the right to be beautiful and confident!

  19. Hi,
    My make up essential will be

    Bb cream:i will use the bb cream with spf and pink effect(mean the bb cream not just oli white color tone,) will kindly make my skin become more pinkage feel...andcan b my concealer as well to cover my even skin tone..Perfect!
    Lipstick:lipstick is important for us to make fresh and simply look with some lips natural soft pink or Red
    eyeliner:i love to use liquid eyeliner for my eye can make the eye become more bigger and natural...
    Overall..its will make people feel that is,soft,natural and nice tone....
    Warmly regard,

  20. Hello :)

    3 of my make up essentials are:

    1. Foundation - you need a strong foundation in order to build on something fabulous! same goes to make up, without foundation, there's no base for enhancement.
    2. Blusher - Give you a healthy glow and looking fresh!
    3. Lipstick/gloss - Who doesn't love sexy and alluring lips? :)

    I like the look of healthy and radiant complexion. Of course, make up plays an important role to make us look pretty, but I believe one needs to take very good care of your own skin before piling up make up. Just be confident in your own skin :)

    I'm a very simple person and I always believe "Less is More". The best thing is, my man just loves the way I am :)


  21. Hello~

    1) BBcream: I prefer this than foundation because it feels better on my skin and if u buy from asian country u can have lot of different finish and property. Even cheaper ones are usually good, and I find them more caky on my skin than foundation. It's even easier to find your tone since most of them tend to get your skin color even if its not perfectly the same.
    2) Eyeliner: i think even when u are in a hurry, giving definition to your eye is the best to look good. When u have some pimples u can focus everything on the eyes with a bold or ligher eyeliner and if u need to go to school I think it makes u look more awake haha :p
    3) Lipstick: when u do not want to spend lot of time for make up, listick can give u a nice look with less effort, being cute or sexy. while if u want to focus on the eyes, nude lipstick can even hide ur lips well :D

    About the look I like a good complexion. Difficult to choose just one actually.
    I always think that natural look is so good to see, but usually I end up with having more focus on lips or eyes. I like those wearable but still colorfull looks, especially on summer and spring. For cold season , ligher make up, nude or something with light cold tones :)
    But, eventually, smocky is still the always-to-go look :p

    Rossella (


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