Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Vera Wang Curse

Today’s special topic is about Vera Wang bridal dresses which are rumoured to be cursed.

Some of you know that Ive recently purchased a Vera Wang Bridal Fall 2011 gown for my wedding last year in London, so far the wedding planning has been good  and I left a few more months before the big day.

Then I read this article about the Vera Wang wedding dress curse and how 8 celebrity couple divorced after wearing Vera’s design and now Vera Wang herself is separated from her husband, Arthur beaker after 23 years of marriage.

Celebrities like Mariah Carey,  Jessica Simpson, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne, Tiger Wood’s wife, Sophia Bush and most recent Kim Kardashian all end up in divorce.

I mean there are still couples who are still living happily ever after when though the bride wore a Vera Wang masterpiece, like Victoria Beckham, Khloe Kardashian, and Ivanka Trump as well.

So, what do you think? Is the dress really cursed? or it’s just normal for celebrities or even normal people to get a divorce these days?

Why doesn’t marriages last longer like before?

Do you think Marcus will run away? :D LOL

Many girls would die for a perfect wedding, but none said about a perfect marriage.



  1. That is a really cute picture of you and your fiancé! :P Fret not, just enjoy the beautiful memories about to come. Happy wedding! :)

  2. hey michelle!

    i believe the wedding is just the beginning. the event itself should not be more important than the rest of your lives together. for me, marriage should not be taken likely. i once heard a quote which pretty much sums up what i believe in. an old man to a young man on marriage: for us older folks, when something is broken, we fix it. we dont just throw it away.

    it is really up to the couple to work it out. a lot of people these days dont stay true to their wedding vows. in sickness and in health, for rich or poor, in good times and bad times. when i feel like it, when i dont feel like it... i think a lot of people these days find difficulty in committing to these words. once something gets in the way, they take the easy way out - divorced. for me, that is not an option. i promised to stick by u through thick and thin. till death do us part. i will not break my promise.

    pretty much the majority of celebrities these days get married and divorced in a matter of months... i do not think the curse is real. if u think about it, when celebrities get married, of course they would want a designer dress. in your post itself, you have mentioned that there are those who are still married. that just proves that it is not real. if it is, it should be true for all.

    victoria's marriage has encountered some rough bits but it is very commendable the way they stuck together through good n bad. :)

    that said. i wish u two joy n happiness. dont worry bout curse or no curse. it really is up to the individual couples to make it work. dont blame the dress! :) it's just a dress! it can be replaced but your memories together are priceless...

  3. Hi michelle,

    Vera Wang dresses are elegant and beautiful but don't worry, they are definitely not cursed :)

    Sometimes celebrities divorce because they each live a very hectic lifestyle and may spend a lot of time with each other so I guess that has contributed to the lack of understanding, affection and what not.

    Your Vera Wang dress is gorgeous and you should still wear it :D

  4. Funny photo of you & Marcus! :D
    I'm don't think Vera Wang's dress are cursed~
    Separating/divorce is not a way out of marriage, marrying someone is not a coincident but a act of love, there are ways to mend things up, but some couple chose separating because that is the easiest way to solve their differences.

    A great relationship isn't when a perfect couple comes together, but when an imperfect couple learn to enjoy their differences :)

    I'm sure you and Marcus will be great! :)

    God bless you & Marcus

  5. I say, if God is in the centre of your relationship, people might talk about myths or even other nonsensical matters, believe that He is still in control over your life. Don't worry about all the other unnecessary talks that is of the world, but stay grounded in what you believe in and stand for.

    Plus, it's always a choice for two individuals in a relationship to want to make the EFFORT to work things out. It is of utmost importance.

    I don't normally drop comments but just felt like sharing this with you. :)

    All the blessings and favor to you and Marcus! :)


    Duncha worry, you're not a narcissistic celebrity who spends all your time away from home shooting & promoting your film instead of with your loved ones, or spends all your time obsessing with putting your best face forward instead of having a contented & happy relationship with hubby & Bubu and *gasp* MOET CRISTAL NG!

    You're just a good girl with a good head on your shoulders and good priorities, who has good friends, good family and a good hubby-to-be. Who happens to be wearing a fairytale wedding dress. ;)

    Now faster buy me kai fan.



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