Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hello, I am

Michelle Ooi.
Born in Alor Star bred in Taiping. Yes, Im not from Kuala Lumpur.

My dad is pure chinese and my mom has Scottish heritage. Hence my eyes are brown in colour and Ive got a sharp nose. No nose job or colour contacts here :)

I grew up in a very chinese environment. I only converted into Christianity when I was 16. My mom is a catholic.

Today’s post will be about me as many of my followers emails me about my heritage and they would love to know more about me, so if you are new to my blog, HELLO <3 and this is my story

I studied in TMGS Taiping where I finish high school. I lived in Taiping for 17 years, a small town with a lot of greens and it rains a lot. Its the place where people bet the time of the first rain drop, no kidding.

I grew up in a small town never know what awaits me in my future. I always LOVE fashion since I was young. Since there is no major shopping mall in Taiping ( we only have FAJAR at my time ) I rarely know about the latest trend or colleges that offer fashion design. I don’t know theres such thing as fashion marketing, fashion buyer etc, all I know was if I want to study fashion design, I must learn how to sew and I hate sewing. That’s when I made my choice of studying Graphic Design and Advertising instead. Back to childhood...

I am seriously a kampung girl.

I was very much inspired by Sailormoon, yes I read comics a lot when I was 9? 10? and was always inspired by Naoko’s drawing. I love drawing girls and clothes.

I even have my own comic books where I created characters and drew about 10 exercise books.

I wish Ive kept them but they are no where to be seen, that’s one thing which I regretted most.

Those were my babies.

Anyways, like any other kid born in the 80’s ( Im 26 this year ) I collected stickers, read comic books like Sailormoon and Dik Cerdas Shin Chan, listens to Spice Girls, Backstreet boys, No Doubt, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, head bang to Prodigy’s music ( not joking ) and I only listen to indie music and hated RNB, SOUL, RAP, POP.

I was very into SPICE GIRL when I was growing up and now Victoria Beckham is my fashion idol :)

Time has changed now, I kinda enjoy Nicky Minaj’s music, not the lyrics, I think Hip Hop lyrics nowadays are too violent. Not my kind, but I do enjoy the beat of certain songs.

I changed my music preferences when I came to KL when I was 18, I still remember, February intake for The One Academy :) Where I met my awesome friends whom I still keep in touch and love most!

Hey Jasiminne! Hey Su Anne! Hey Haniz! Hey TJ! Hie Amy!

These people are the one who meant the most to me and they taught Taiping is in Indonesia. 
hahhahahahahahahhahahah :P

Su Anne taught me how to drink liquor hahahahaha as I can never drink 

Jasiminne was a great friend, always there when I needed her. She is my rock.

Haniz and me loved the same music.

TJ was my housemate and now a celebrity photographer.

Amy taught me how to say hie (inside joke) and ever so kindly took me to stay with her when I was down with Denggi. I finished her cornflakes and her mom cooked beef soup for me which is good to cure denggi! Thank you mama Amy!

I was studying in The One Academy for 3 years and call it quits and moved to Lim Kok Wing for my degree. I admit that I was failing a lot in The One Academy, it was a very rough year for me but things went smoothly at Lim Kok Wing, I was hardworking and promised my parents good results.

I was dating Marcus ( my now fiance ) when I was in Lim Kok Wing, he was the one who pushed me to be a better person, because of his support, I graduated with distinction of 4.0 GPA. My parents LOVE him for that.

After graduation, I did a few internship and then decided to work part time for StART Society, an ART ACADEMY for underprivileged children. I was their ART TEACHER for 2 years.

I quit after 2 years as I planned to venture into the fashion industry.

I started The Kins back in July 2010.

I started The Kins selling clothes online which I source from Europe and Asia. Then I decided to start my own line, Michelle Ooi and started designing my own clothes. Later on I started FabulousiTEE, a tshirt line.

And this is where you know what happened next, as in where I am today, what I do and I love what Im doing and thanks to God’s grace I get to achieve my dreams, but one hasn’t been fulfilled yet, which is a FASHION SHOW! Really wanted to do one, soon hopefully.

Ive got a great and supportive family, my fiance is perfect for me and my friends are always there.

Im contented.

Female magazine 


I was one of the REDKEN most Inspiring Malaysian.

Female Magazine

STYLE Magazine


I was on RED.FM, interviewed about fashion by Linora Low early this year

I am truly blessed.
Thank YOU for making it happen.

Dare to dream

It’s OK to fail, just get back up and never give up

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."
Matthew 7.7

Michelle Ooi



  1. Does Marcus have a brother? Hahaha.

  2. ahahha yes he does :D older brother.. i think still single :p

  3. You are very pretty :)

  4. oh my gawd i cant believe you're a Taiping girl and also studying in TMGS! cos i'm from Taiping too and also an ex student in TMGS :), but currently staying in KL for further studies. i love your blog and you're such an inspiration. cheers! :D

    1. Taiping girl can do anything! As long as you work hard :) Dream big! <3

  5. invite me when you're doing your fashion show! Love u! :)

  6. I'm Taiping girl too XD
    Love this post lots!

  7. A humble post.What an inspiration! :)

  8. This is why you're my local fashion inspiration :)

  9. I'm new to your blog but from this blog I get to know about you, either young or current life.
    Such a great blog and your blog about fashion is so much interesting

    1. thank you henry! means a lot to me! cheers!

  10. Love you LBD u wore in Female Mag..

  11. such an inspiring story ! thank you ! xoxo!

    1. thank you for taking time to read it :) have a nice day!

  12. hi! Im new to your blog and Im from Taiping too! *high five*, but im a Hua Lian student. :)
    I just graduated last month as a diploma fashion design student and I always wanted to open an online boutique but Im kind of clueless about this kind of business. Do you have any advises about it? :D

  13. wow! i always thought you are from kl and were those hot chics party type of girl!
    i'm so wrong!!! you are still so young and your story is truly inspiring! <3<3<3

    will you blog about your love story with marcus? you both look perfect together!


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