Sunday, 29 July 2012

Chivas x Vivienne Westwood

When I received an invitation from Pernod Ricard & MHB stating that they were launching the Chivas Regal 18 year old bottle designed by Vivienne Westwood, I was so psyched as I get to attend a luxurious event by two of the most iconic British brands. I have always adore Vivienne Westwood’s designs as her designs were provoking, edgy, off beat and oh so avant -garde 

Michiekins wearing dress by Michelle Ooi 2012 :)

My invitation card

It was indeed one of the best event I ever attended as the guest dine in the illuminating night sky at the helipad of the 34 stories top of Menara KH.

The decoration for the event was flawess, I thought I was attending a wedding, my dream wedding as I’ve planned to decorate the venue all white as well like white flowers, candles, cutleries, cloth. It was indeed a classy and glamorous event.

Me and the girls, Chammaine and Esther

I was in complete shocked as we were ushered to a room/bar first then later on to the helipad for fine dinning. The food was smashing and complimented Chivas perfectly. I especially loved the cod fish served with king prawn.Simply delicious.

The desserts were also the highlight as the chocolate was infused with Chivas and served in the orange mousse.

Chivas was smart enough to invite Malaysian famous fashion designers like  Beatrice Looi, Joe Chia and Eric Choong to showcase their collection featuring three distict pieces along with a signature bottle sleeve unveiling which celebrated the audacious luxury  embraced by both brands with a dazzling homage by local fashion visionaries in the form of a fashion show coordinated by the amazing stylist, Cris Yong.

by Beatrice Looi
by Eric Soong
 by Joe Chia

Right after that, there was another performance by the dynamic duo of electrifying violinist Dennis Lau and Malaysia’s beatboxer Koujee which was mind blowing. I was so impressed and was singing along the songs as they were playing really upbeat and current songs like Adam Levine’s Move Like Jagger was my favourite.

There was also another magical performance by the couple who can change their outfits within seconds! it was my first time witnessing this and it was surely entertaining.

The event was filled with celebrity guests like Belinda Chee, Debbid Gih, Megan Tan, Soo Wincci, Serena C, Peter Davis and Will Quah, who actually modelled Vivienne Westwood outfits, of course styled by Cris Yong at the runway as a tribute to Chivas-Vivienne Westwood collaboration.

 with Joe Chia’s designs
with Eric Choong’s designs

Not forgetting the highlight of the event, the Chivas Regal 18 Vivienne Westwood bottle design, look how British it is, as she reflected her own style of edginess, avant-garde and luxurious. Vivienne Westwood is famously know for her tailoring and cutting, re-imagining the bottle as a figure to be adorned to create a luxurious and unique three-piece coat in her signature style. Westwood definitely has a reputation for audacious design and unparalleled craftsmanship which compliments the value of the Chivas Regal 18 Year Old.

The idea was a coat, a jigsaw shape, all in one piece to hold the precious bottle and its contents like hands. The fabric is the Union Jack design on silk twill, emphasising the intense blues of the Chivas label, with a striped lining and it is fastened with gold metal studs and decorated with a flash of ribbon on a pin. I made these decisions to enfold the whisky in a cocoon of traditional British feeling - Savile Row, Scottish clans, supporting fixtures, comfortable homes - everything cosy, classic, cultured”, said Westwood on her design.

 She had definitely brought haute couture to Chivas

Esther, Tim and Michelle

The night ended with a spectacular surprise when the fireworks illuminated the night sky and it was cheers to Chivas!



  1. omg i love your dress so much! * the belts too! u look gorgeous babe! :)

  2. the view! the table setting! the food! the everything! my kind of event. love love love.
    "Michiekins wearing Michelle Ooi 2012" YES YES YES I APPROVE. mari kita ber-self-embassador.

  3. how can i have the dress? :)

  4. Hi dear..the designer is Eric CHOONG not Soong :)

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