Tuesday, 19 June 2012

hot guys who cook

Can a hot guy really cook? :)

I was invited to the launch of DIVA Universal Hot Guys Who Cook last week at The Food Studio and boy is was smashing.

Not only there’s hot guys, they are serving delicious food as well!

The waiters are dressed in their pants and apron only, busy flexing their muscles while serving food the guest!

I invited Bella that night as my guest :)

The event was emcee-ed by the gorgeous newly wed Marion Counter and there 3 main hot guys of the evening was George Young, Josiah Mizukami and Henry Golding.

These 3 hot guys were given a task to cook Char Kuey Teow and I was lucky enough to be George Young’s sous chef. Yes, who is George Young? Many of you asked.

When I first lay my eyes on him, I was like : Woah, where did he come from? Tall, nice hair, sepet eyes which I like, and he’s super super super funny. I cant stress that more. Funny. 

Being his sous chef that night was definitely a good experience as Ive never done anything like this before.

Josiah then told me that George is actually an actor, host, writer and a lawyer in Singapore.

I got to know more about George when my sister who’s working in Singapore came home for a visit the very next day and told me how FAMOUS Mr. Young is. Apparently there was a huge campaign on WHO IS GEORGE YOUNG on a sticker and was pasted everywhere in Singapore. I was shocked, not only that, the best main thing about him is how kind he is by supporting the ARTS in Singapore and helping raise awareness of autism, whats not to love about with this chinese-greek heritage boy? :) 
George Young and Henry Golding are both from FLY Entertainment Artiste.

LIKE George Young’s FACEBOOK Page :) LIKED.

So if you wanna watch how good can these hot guys cook, remember not to miss this DIVA Universal original production of Hot Guys Who Cook Premiers 25th June 2012, Monday at 9PM only on DIVA Universal Astro Channel 702, I know I’ll be watching and I know you will too :)



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