Sunday, 6 May 2012

Teal Hair

It’s already May! and it’s time for some teal/turquoise/diving inspired/sea/ocean/Sailor Neptune hair colour.

Yes, my hair is now this colour :D

Took all the pictures using INSTAGRAM, you can now add me at username: michiekins 

The new colour was inspired by Sailor Neptune, been reading Sailormoon comics lately, hence the sudden urge to dye my hair teal/turquoise 

On another note, The luxurious brand Chanel will be displaying the Paris-Bombay and SS12 collections at the La Mistralée Hotel in Saint-Tropez. 

From April throughout October you will be able to visit the Boutique and get inspired by its magnificent interior and the private gardens.

Picture credit to Mojeh Magazine

I love love love love NEED NEED NEED the turquoise Chanel bag! <3 I think its a must have in my list :) Madly in Love! 


More vain pictures I took :)

i am vain.yes!

Anyways, im signing off! Have to get ready for my first ever FASHION STYLIST job meeting!
Im very excited about this new project, will tell you all soon! 




  1. Where did you get your hair done? :)

  2. in order to get that colour, the hair must be bleached first ke ? was yours bleached first? appreciate ur response..

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